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Black Aluminum FenceThere are many different decisions to make when ordering fencing panels, but the size of the fence itself is a decision that will need to be made first.

There are lots of reasons you might need a fence for your property. Perhaps you need complete privacy for those living on the property, or you want to keep pets and small children safely on the premises. Choosing the right look for the fence is a major decision, but the first decision that many overlook is quite simple: the size of the fence.

Fences comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. The type and size of your fencing is usually determined by what type of property you own. If it is a single-family home, a residential aluminum fence will do the job. If your property has any type of commercial building or includes large machinery, apartment blocks or any large non-residential buildings, industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels are ideal.

All about privacy

Privacy is a main concern for those building fences, and privacy goes hand in hand with security and safety. Choosing a tall fence with minimal space between pickets and posts means fewer prying eyes looking onto the property and higher security. Privacy can be maximized with special panels that have minimal space between each picket. These not only block gawkers from peeking in, but they also block a good amount of outside noise from entering the property. You can choose to have sections or certain areas around gates or entryways made of privacy panels, allowing for full customization.

The necessary height and width

Aluminum fencing panels come in various heights depending on your property’s needs. Residential and commercial panels come in heights ranging from three to six feet, while industrial panels can be ordered in heights of four feet all the way up to ten feet. Another necessary measurement you will need to consider is the spacing between the pickets. Although these don’t have as great of a variation, an extra inch one way or the other could make all the difference in allowing small dogs out of the yard or giving more of a sightline to the buildings on the property.

If safety and security are your main focus, taller panels and posts are good to consider. The added height helps deter any unsavory characters from attempting to climb the fence. The look of taller panels in general elicits a feeling of security, especially when the taller height is paired with industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels as these are thicker and sturdier.

When considering which size panels to get, be sure to think about the number of panels you will be putting on your property to best choose the right width. Commercial panels come in six or eight-feet widths, so if you have a tricky yard with slopes or odd angles, you might need to get creative in your planning. It really all comes down to planning out exactly what you want out of your new fence. Take into consideration the height and width of the panels, along with the style and thickness of the pickets. Ticking all the boxes and measuring just right will ensure you have the fence you hoped for.