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Primrose School Aluminum FencingSchool properties have many reasons to seek the safest fence available to surround their perimeter, and industrial aluminum fences can help.

School buildings are easy to identify for multiple reasons. There are often many buildings all attached to each other over a large property. There will also be a few parking lots, a sports field or two, and plenty of road signs alerting drivers to slow down if the school is a primary or high school. With all of that acreage and different areas and buildings on the property, another way to know you are looking at a school is by looking at the fence structure. It will usually be quite secure in order to keep the property and people in the school safe.

There is a balance needed when putting up a fence around a school that entails having the safest and most secure industrial aluminum fence without looking too industrial or prison-like. This comes down to finding a fence type that has a classic style but is still made of a strong, heavy-duty and long-lasting material.

Aluminum for school fencing

Aluminum is known in the fencing world as a solid, sturdy and long-lasting material for fencing panels. Many people hear aluminum and understandably think of aluminum cans and wonder why anyone would want a fence made of that material, especially such an important fence as one that surrounds a school. It’s essential to understand that the aluminum used for a fence is so much thicker and therefore stronger than that found in cans.

Residential fences made of aluminum have long been a popular choice, but more and more industrial and commercial properties are choosing aluminum because of the high-quality material. An industrial aluminum fence is thicker than an average residential fence, allowing for an even longer-lasting fence that can really withstand anything.

Aluminum is also a stellar choice for fences surrounding commercial and industrial properties due to the nature and science of the metal. Aluminum does not rust the way other metals will, and fencing panels are covered in a powder coating that allows for an even stronger finished product. The minimal upkeep needed for this fence material is great for such a vast property, too, because it means less labor is needed to keep it in pristine condition.

Different fencing for different areas

Industrial aluminum fence panels come in all shapes, sizes and styles. From basic to elegant to noteworthy, the style choices are endless. Some schools choose areas of the property – such as a sports field – to showcase the school colors by painting the fence. The look of the fence can be perfected with certain picket tops or shapes to really make it unique to the property.

When it comes to the various fence shapes, privacy panels might be a necessity in some areas of the school property to keep unsightly areas closed off to the public. Privacy panels can also help keep young children safe while playing in outdoor areas. Privacy panels help close the gaps between the pickets to keep everyone safe and secure.

With such a large property, schools can really create many different looks with the same aluminum fencing panels with little adjustments here and there. Adding different types of panels and choosing different gates and panel shapes and sizes can really help create the perfect look in a safe and secure way.