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Black Aluminum Fence In Residential NeighborhoodWhen installing an aluminum fence near your property line, it is important to open a conversation with your neighbors to ensure everyone is on board.

Mr. Rogers knew the polite way to ask “Won’t you be my neighbor?” He would have surely found a pleasant way to interact with his next-door neighbors regarding a shared property line. Hopefully you can, too!

Owning any type of property, whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial, means you are bound to have at least one other person or company with land or property next door. Coexisting with those around you should be an easy process, although erecting aluminum fences near their property line might make things a little more complicated.

Finding an appropriate approach

It is all about communication, from beginning to middle to end. As soon as you are beginning the planning and preparation for a new fence, it is time to open up a dialogue with any neighbors you have. This is helpful even if you don’t plan to ask them to work together on a fence for both of you to enjoy.

Many people have property lines and yards that are so close to the neighbors that it only makes sense to consider going in together on a shared fence. It is so important that both parties are on board with everything from design and style to cost and installation. Whatever you and your neighbor decide should be mutual, and it is definitely best practice to get everything you agree upon in writing. This not only helps both of you at the time, but also the people who may buy your home in the future.

If your neighbors or you aren’t interested in working together for a fence, that is perfectly okay. The conversation you have will be more of a “heads up” situation, but it should still be polite and reassuring. Let your neighbors know about your fencing plan, and assure them that you have double checked the property line and that nothing will get in the way of their yard.

The continued relationship

The open line of communication doesn’t end once you have made your neighbor aware of your plans. The conversation should continue to avoid any unhappiness in the future. It is best to keep everyone in the loop as you learn new information. For example, once you find out when the installation will take place, let your neighbor know, and tell them if there is going to be any loud machinery used or any large trucks parked in the street. If you will be doing the installation yourself, which is quite achievable with aluminum fences, try to do any loud work during daylight hours so as not to disturb anyone in the area.

If any unpleasant circumstances occur in the future, such as your neighbor growing something in their yard that is encroaching in your property, it will be important to talk it through right away. Letting things fester is never good, especially when it involves a shared property line.

Keeping your neighbors on the same page as you is as easy as communicating your plans to them from start to finish. An open dialogue can go a long way toward mending any uncertainties and help you get the exact fence you hoped for.