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Black_Aluminum_Fence_Gate_greatfenceSpring cleaning your property’s outdoor spaces should include not only your pool, patio and lawn, but also your aluminum fence.

With any changing of the season, there are two sides people take. You are either excited for the changing weather and amount of daylight, or you would rather things remain how they are. For those of us living in an environment that has a distinct winter season, most people will be excited for the approach of spring.

Spring means fresh flowers growing out of the newly green landscape. It means out with the old and in with the new; it’s a time for change and lifting spirits as days get longer and the weather finally warms up. For those lucky enough to have a pool on their property, it also means beginning to consider when you are ready to get the pool open for business!

Getting a pool ready for warm weather and swimming doesn’t have to be done overnight the second warm weather hits. Instead, you can take your time, breaking down what needs to be done into steps. Starting with getting any maintenance done on your actual pool and patio first will help you get the big jobs out of the way. This is especially important to allow for time to get a specialist in should you need to make an appointment to get your pool professionally repaired or cleaned.

Cleaning and checking

When it comes to your aluminum pool fence, it is important to give it some TLC. This means giving it a good cleaning after the harsh winter and then taking time to spot-check the powder-coated finish for any dents or scratches.

To clean your fence, begin with a simple rinse with a hose to get any debris away. Go over the posts and pocket with a mild detergent and cloth. You won’t want to use anything too harsh to protect the coating. Once the fence is clean and dry, check low to the ground where machinery or toys could have damaged the fence. Include areas near any shrubs or low-hanging tree branches to check that there are no scratches in the surface. If you find any, use an aluminum-fence-safe paint to cover these scratches to ensure the corrosion process doesn’t begin on the aluminum metal of your fence.

Keep it up

It is important not to forget the gates and entryways of your aluminum pool fence. The locks and doorways will need a quick inspection to ensure everything is in full working order for the safety and security of the pool area. Checking the entryway and lock of a pool fence is important throughout the year to ensure safety during all seasons.

Throughout the year, you will also want to give the fence a good rinse, especially if you live near the ocean where salty air is constantly trying to wear down the powder coating in conjunction with chlorinated pool water. Similarly, if you or a neighbor are undertaking any large home improvement projects throughout the year, ensure your fence stays damage-free to keep the aluminum metal safe from the elements. With only a small amount of cleaning and upkeep, your fence can stay in excellent condition through the changing seasons.