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Curved Aluminum FencingThere are minor scratches and there are major dents that can happen to any fence. The key is to repair the fence as quickly as possible.

No matter how hard you try to keep your property free of damage, you can expect the unexpected to happen at any time. Intense wind can uproot small trees and send them propelling into your fence. A rogue wagon can run right into your aluminum driveway gates. Even worse, someone could maliciously damage your fence by purposely scratching, denting or painting it with graffiti.

We all hope none of this will ever happen to us. Keeping your fence and gate clean and tidy is a good start toward combatting any dents or scratches from wreaking too much havoc. Leaving plenty of space between your fence and the home’s driveway for cars to back in and out of the property also helps. Making the right choice in fence material from the beginning may remove some of these stressful circumstances.

Choosing aluminum driveway gates and fences in the first place helps deter damage. Aluminum fencing comes with a special powder coating that helps keep the metal safe from harmful moisture that could potentially begin the corrosion process. The powder coating needs to remain intact and scratch-free to work best.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

It is said that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, and this is often good advice. Having tiny scratches in the surface of your aluminum fencing isn’t a major problem. The important thing is to catch the scratch before it gets bigger and turns into a more serious problem. This is done by routinely rinsing and washing your fence and gate to determine their condition. Check the coating for any damage that could have occurred. Because you are using such a strong fence, chances are you won’t find any damage during your checks. The coating does an amazing job of standing up to tough wear and tear.

If you do happen to find yourself with a scratched surface, don’t panic! You will simply need to clean the area of the scratch with a mild soap and water, and then dry it thoroughly. Then you can cover it with an aluminum fence paint to keep the fence looking new for years to come. This paint even comes in easy-to-use spray paint cans!

Quickly repair the big stuff

Now that you aren’t sweating the small stuff, let’s talk about the bigger deals. This could occur when an unfortunate accident involves your gate or fence and there is damage to one or more panel or part. Assess the damage to make the best decision regarding how to move forward. You may find that replacing a few panels is the best course of action for major damage.

If there is simply a dent and you are hoping to touch up the paint and let landscaping cover the unsightly spot, it is important to do this repair quickly. This goes back to the powder coating, which needs to remain unharmed and intact to best protect the aluminum.

It is important to try to protect your fence from damage wherever possible. This can be achieved by ensuring the driveway gates are visible at night with strategically placed lighting or reflectors or ensuring machinery is kept away from the fence. Whether you find tiny scratches or large dents, the damage can be fixed without too much work for a great end result.