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Aluminum Hand RailingIf you think getting new handrails put in with your new fence is a hassle, think again. With these easy steps, you will have new fencing in no time!

Fencing panels are a great, easy way to install a fence on your own for your residential, commercial or industrial property. There are so many decisions that must be made when purchasing the panels, such as what height, style, color and gate options to choose. One part of fencing that many people overlook is the handrails – the top part of the fence panels and gates that can be used to hold onto or just to give a very uniform look to the fence.

Thankfully, the process of choosing the right handrails for you is as easy as choosing the fence and gate. Picking out a handrail will come naturally during the ordering process, and here are some helpful steps to follow to get you to the end result with ease.

Choose your panels

There are a few different styles of panels to take into consideration when choosing new handrails for your property. While the tops of the panels will be smooth and sturdy, there are different design elements for the area right below the handrails that cater to whatever specific look you are after. For example, one look has spears below the handrails, giving the classic metal fence look with the added safety of the top handrail. Some other options include pickets all the way down or added horizontal bars partway down.

Choose your top handrail

The next decision to make is which style of top hand rail you would like. There are narrow options, completely flat options, and some with added dimension. Imagine how each would look on your chosen fencing panels, as well as how they will fit in with your residential, commercial and industrial fence as a whole. Once you have decided which look goes best with your property, it’s time to measure out how many panels you will need, and how tall you want the fence itself to be.

Choose your gates

For most fences, you will next need to choose a gate style for any entry points to the property. If it is a commercial or industrial fence, you will want to take into account not only foot traffic, but also automobile and machinery traffic. Choosing a gate style that is the same as – or at least complementary to – the fence panels is ideal, including the type of handrail for the top. That will help give a uniform look to the whole property.

Choose your posts and mounts

Now that you have your specific style and entryways chosen, you may need to consider some extra panels for staircases or other unique areas of the property. Again, you will want these to complement the rest of the fence and the property. This is also the time to ensure you are purchasing the correct mounts for the different rails purchased. If you have any questions throughout the process, just contact the fencing specialist to ensure you have covered all of your bases.

Last but certainly not least is the installation process. Thankfully, there are helpful diagrams and instructions that will go along with your fence, handrail and gate order that will be of great assistance during the DIY installation process. After following these steps and going through the fairly easy installation process, you will have a fabulous fence that is perfect for your property.