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aluminum estate gateEstate gates are not just for mansion driveways. Estate gates can be used for so much more and have added bonuses for any property.

Imagine driving up to a property’s entryway with a beautifully ornate gate opening up to reveal a long, tree-lined driveway that ends at a large mansion. That gate and driveway are what many people think of when the topic of metal estate gates comes up. However, there are plenty of other places an estate gate can be used on properties ranging from sports fields to apartment buildings to hospitals, and there are a host of reasons to choose aluminum fencing panels with a matching estate gate.

Different functionality

Estate gates serve many different purposes beyond stopping traffic from entering a driveway. Gates can be simply ornamental, they can be in front of a garden, or they can even be used to separate a private area of a property from a public one.

When gates are used as the beginning of a driveway to a building or set of buildings, they will undoubtedly be in place to give some added safety and security to the property. This is when it is so important to use a strong metal such as aluminum for the gates themselves.

It’s all in the material

Aluminum is strong and sturdy, and it can withstand even the craziest of weather conditions. Aluminum fencing is also known for requiring minimal upkeep over the years, making it the perfect choice for a large property.

Aluminum fencing panels come in easy-to-install posts and panels with clear installation instructions, and aluminum estate gates are no different. Since your fence and estate gates can be installed by you as a DIY project, it’s important to know what to expect.

Styling and purpose

Aluminum estate gates do not necessarily have to be connected to an aluminum fence in every case. In fact, a common style that still serves its purpose is to have aluminum estate gates attached to brick posts at the entryway of a property.

There may be landscaping on the other sides of the brick posts, or even more aluminum fence panels surrounding the property. The brick adds a great dimension and look, and it helps with the stabilization of the gate hinge and overall security.

Keep out… or in

It is easy to presume that a gate is serving the purpose of keeping unwanted visitors out when special codes or keys are needed to open the gate. However, there are also times when a gate is used to keep people or even animals inside!

Take the example of a sports field that is attached to a school. Yes, you will need estate gates for machinery to enter the field for landscaping upkeep, and the gates will need to be opened on game day to allow fans to enter freely. However, during school hours when students are practicing with their teachers and coaches, the gates will need to remain locked to keep the students safe and to keep non-students out.

If you automatically vetoed the idea of getting a gate for your property, it might be worth re-considering. There are plenty of reasons to get a gate, and plenty of styles to choose from. One thing is for certain: whatever style you choose, after a quick installation DIY job, you will have a safe, secure entryway to your property.