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Bronze Aluminum Gate with Sunburst Arch
A small addition in décor can add a lot in style. This is why adding a sunburst arch to your driveway gate or walk through gate is a great idea.

Whether you are very interested in the style and décor of your gates or not, there is one décor element that can excite everyone: the arch. You might be wondering what is so exciting about an arch. After all, an arch is just a curved area at the top of a wall or panel. Here’s what you need to know.

A great gate accent

An arch really is a great accent piece that adds an extra touch to a gate or entryway. When it comes to entryway or driveway gates in aluminum, arches enhance the elegant appearance of the vertical pickets.

When choosing what type of aluminum driveway gate to purchase, it is good to know what style you want for the entryway to your property. It can help to drive around a few neighborhoods to see how different styles work with different homes or buildings. Note the different colors, shapes and sizes of the various fences. Look at the way arched fence or gate tops create a pleasing effect against the vertical pickets. You will need to choose whether you want a single or double gate, so that is another aspect to keep in mind when envisioning your own arched driveway gate.

Thankfully, aluminum driveway gates come easy to install, so there won’t be too much hassle once the gates and posts arrive to you. With easy-to-understand instructions, you will find the home improvement job to be surprisingly manageable.

The sunburst arch

The sunburst arch is such a great choice for styling a gate, especially driveway gates in aluminum. The curved horizontal bar occurs twice, once at the very top and once right below. For added distinction, some choose to add rings in between the two arches, although this is not necessary to have an elegant-looking gate. There are even more choices to be made, such as how the top of the pickets will look, whether you want spears or a curved bar, and what color you want everything to be.

The sunburst arch doesn’t only work well on driveway gates. It can also be a great upgrade for entry gates at walking paths, even in a pool setting. The added height from the arch can even make the property seem more secure while simultaneously helping show where the entryway is located.  An arched entryway can also be used at standalone gated entry points. For example, if you only need to purchase a gate that will not be attached to an aluminum fence but rather attached to stone posts or the side of a building, an arch can really make the entry point stand out.

Arched Aluminum Driveway Gate

Gates and entryways aren’t the only outdoor pieces that could benefit from a good arch. Lovely decorative entryway pieces known as arbors often feature a very attractive arch to help mark an entrance to a special outdoor area. Using an arch in this way softens the look of the outdoor space and makes it feel very welcoming.

Using an aluminum curved line on your fence, gate or outdoor décor can help your property stay secure while looking great!