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aluminum fence puppy picketsThe smallest members of your family can run freely around a safely fenced-in yard thanks to a few clever additions to your aluminum panel fence.

From cats and dogs to ferrets and rabbits, there are many types and sizes of household pets. Whether you are in a single-family house yourself or you own a property that houses multiple families and possibly multiple pets, it is important to keep these precious animals in mind when making an order for your next fence.

Ordering aluminum panel fencing is easier than ever thanks to helpful information you can find from fencing specialists on exactly what you need for your DIY fencing job. Ordering the right type of panels, posts and gates can be done with a few clicks of a mouse and some accurate measuring of your outdoor space. In no time at all, you will have the panels delivered to your door, ready for installation!

What about choosing the exact right panels, posts and gates for your pets? There are a few choices that depend on the size of your pet and what you want for your yard.Bronze Aluminum Gate with Puppy Pickets

Panels for the little ones

For smaller pets like puppies, you might consider the aptly-named puppy panels. At the bottom of this otherwise normal aluminum panel fencing are extra pickets placed in the usually empty space between pickets. These extra pickets leave a very small amount of space, which means most puppies and other small pets won’t be able to find their way out of the yard by squeezing through the pickets.

This might not be necessary for long for a growing dog, but there are other benefits to these puppy panels for any household with small pets, children or even gardens to protect from other wild animals who might make their way into the yard. Keeping unwanted animals and pests away from family members and out of the yard will help your family, and they will be an added bonus for resale value.

Height for the big ones

You may already be dealing with larger pets, who might not necessarily fit through the empty space between pickets but could find a way to jump or climb over your fence. There is one very great fix for this situation: get the tallest fencing panels possible!

Thankfully, aluminum fencing is made in such a way that most animals can’t easily climb over the top. There aren’t many foot- or paw-holds that could help a clever feline get over the top of the fence. Many animals are smart enough to find a way to get over, under or through, but getting panels and posts as tall as you can will go a long way toward keeping everyone safe.Estate Gate with Puppy Pickets

Add privacy

Some pets or their cages could benefit from a bit of privacy. Adding privacy panels to hide cages or to make part of the yard more secluded can help nervous pets and those who may be disturbed by passing foot traffic. Privacy panels allow for little to no sightline between pickets, making for an even safer environment for any pet.

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and aluminum fencing does, too. With a little planning and thought, you can have the perfect aluminum panel fencing for every member of the family.