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You don’t need an advanced chemistry degree to understand the effects the weather and different surroundings can have on an aluminum fence and gate.

You thought you were finished learning science when you finished school, right? You thought you’d never need to think about corrosion, precious metals and the periodic table again, didn’t you? In all honesty, you don’t need to remember much from your school years to have an aluminum fence, but you will want to have a general understanding of scientific concepts.

Salt, chlorine and rain create different reactions on different fencing materials. Having an aluminum pool fence means you will be set with any liquid that comes in contact with the fence. The science behind this is explained below, along with other factors that won’t harm aluminum the way they would affect other, less-stable materials.

Rain, rain, go away

Large Industrial Driveway Gate

Water has the ability to corrode any metal. However, with an aluminum pool fence, the metal is corroded in a different way that doesn’t actually create the orange rust you might be familiar with. On top of this metal fence is an amazing powder coating that covers the entire fence to keep water and moisture from rain, weather, sea spray and even salt pools from causing damage. Ensure each season that the powder coating has not been scratched or dented so it can continue doing its work of protecting the metal below.

Hot and cold

Extreme temperatures and weather conditions could spell disaster for any outdoor furniture or décor piece. Thankfully, aluminum metal fencing is not one of the things that is affected by crazy weather. The fence panels and posts are made of a strong, durable aluminum that can withstand being heated by the hottest sun and frozen throughout the coldest winters. You don’t need to worry about thermal expansion or brittle frozen parts because the fence is made in such a way that it can handle it all, with the incredible help of the specialized coating.

Chemicals and cleaning

Chlorine and other pool chemicals can corrode aluminum in a slow way. This is why it is always recommended that new aluminum pool fence owners go over their fence from time to time with a soapy rag to keep any chemicals away from the metal itself.

The powder coating is already doing a lot of the work, but it’s nice to help out by keeping an eye on any areas that might have a white or gray dust sitting on top of the coating. This could be the chemicals drying and leaving a residue that will eventually make its way to the metal beneath.

Residential Aluminum Fencing

How long will it last?

The first thing to remember when you’re concerned about the longevity of your aluminum fencing is the minimal upkeep that will be needed over the years. Knowing that there isn’t too much to do can make whatever length it lasts well worth it! Thankfully, you aren’t just getting a good deal with a fence built to last; you are also choosing something that handles extreme temperatures, safety and security in an equally perfect way.

You shouldn’t need to replace any parts of your fence within the first few years of having it, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy the product. Affordable, reliable and scientifically proven to do well under the pressures of the outdoors, aluminum pool fencing is a great choice for any home.