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Aluminum fencing is a great option for your property and your pets! Whether you have a new puppy or a large guard dog, aluminum fencing has you covered.

Having a large property and yard comes with plenty of responsibility to ensure that everything and everyone is kept safe and secure. There is also the responsibility to keep those around your property safe if you have a pool or large equipment, not to mention the responsibility for any four-legged friends that may reside on the premises.

Large Aluminum Fence with Puppy Pickets

Part of the Family, Part of the Property

Pets are a part of many families. They often have their own beds or areas of the home, they can roam around the house as they wish, and many spend plenty of time outdoors getting fresh air and stretching their legs. Many households have checked that their home is safe for pets. Similar to baby-proofing, pet-proofing involves ensuring a pet can’t be harmed by toxic house plants, sharp objects, or any food items that might be easily accessible to their little paws.

Pet-proofing extends to the outdoor spaces of a property as well, where pets—especially outdoor pets—can get into some precarious situations. Pets can get into trouble with one quick decision. They may see a hole in a derelict fence and try to make a run for it. They might squeeze through a slow-closing gate and find themselves in the street with no way back in. This is where residential or commercial aluminum fence panels come in.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

A Fence for Everyone

Aluminum fencing comes in many sizes and shapes, and there are options to suit different purposes. There are specific aluminum fences that can be used poolside to help keep everyone around it safe and sound. There are aluminum fences attached to grand estate gates for properties of all sizes. There are even aluminum fences for outdoor pets! These panel fences help families living with pets keep the animals safely in the yard by leaving a gap between pickets that are too small for them to squeeze through. These pet fences are called “puppy panels” or “puppy pickets”, but they don’t have to be used solely for dogs.

Dog panels are made to order with your residential or commercial aluminum fence panels. The puppy pickets part of the fencing is actually on the lower half, where extra panels are added in between the usual pickets to create an area with even less room so a dog of any size will stay safely inside the fenced-in area. Of course, this can work both ways; puppy pickets also keep unwanted animals out of the property. This is beneficial for certain commercial properties with residents in cases where it’s important to keep people in outdoor spaces safe from any stray or wild animals.

You may be thinking that you’ve seen dogs jump very high and use clever skills to get out of a caged-in area. Thankfully, puppy pickets help eliminate this problem using their design alone. The space between pickets is too narrow for them to squeeze through. If they jump high enough, they still won’t be able to jump over the fence – as long as you have chosen a reasonable height for the fence. Any gates you have attached to your aluminum fencing can be designed to close quickly and securely. This means that your property’s fence will be designed with every member of the household in mind, keeping everyone and everything safe and secure.

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