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An aluminum fence can’t do its job without the pickets and parts that help it stay strong through even the most intense weather conditions.

Close your eyes and picture a fence around a property. The fence that comes to your mind could be wooden with horizontal pickets, metal with vertical pickets, or chain link with small squares making up the entire fence. Now consider which of these would be the safest and why. You will likely come to the conclusion that a fence is only as strong as its parts. Therefore, a fence made of a durable metal in a clever vertical design is the best choice you can make.

Large Aluminum Fence

Picket Size and Style

A residential, commercial and industrial aluminum fence comes in a plethora of designs, sizes and styles. The fence itself comes in panel form, delivered straight to your property. Each panel consists of multiple vertical pickets all held together by a few horizontal bars. The pickets themselves are situated a set length apart from one another; the specific spacing is up to you, so you can customize it to suit your property’s needs.

The vertical nature of aluminum pickets helps with a few important fence tasks. Vertical pickets make it incredibly hard to climb over a fence. This gives property owners much more security and safety. Compare this with a horizontal barred fence or even a chain link fence, where it is quite easy to stick your feet in each square and climb over. A fence is meant to keep those out who shouldn’t be on the property, and vertical is the way to go for this.

The vertical pickets also help to keep the fence looking good month after month. There aren’t many places for dirt and debris to build up, and there is plenty of air flow to help the fence stay dry between rainstorms. Residential, commercial and industrial aluminum fence panels also come with a powder coating that ensures the vertical pickets stay safe from any moisture in the air.

Large Spear Top Industrial Fence

When Pickets Aren’t for You

It’s hard to imagine vertical pickets not being the right fit for a certain company or property type, but sometimes having the empty space between pickets doesn’t necessarily help with the mission of the fence. For example, if a company needs an industrial or commercial fence to keep the contents of the land hidden from prying eyes, having empty spaces will be counterproductive.

Thankfully, there’s a solution for this that is still within the aluminum fencing realm. Privacy panels are aluminum panels that allow for very little or no space between pickets, keeping the privacy and safety of those on the property intact. This type of panel can be used for privacy, and it can also help with any sound from the street while hiding an unflattering area of the property, such as the garbage and recycling area.

Keeping your aluminum fence clean and looking great is as easy as giving it a quick wash from season to season. This works for privacy panels, too. The powder coating on aluminum fencing does a lot of the work of keeping the metal clean, dry and in great shape. You only need to wash off the extra debris from the world around the fence and keep an eye on any scratches or dents in the surface. Aluminum fence pickets are affordable, easy to maintain, customizable and a great solution for so many different properties.

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