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You’re in charge of what’s on your property. Buildings, cars, people and pets may all be on your property, but you might want to ensure wildlife stays out!

As a property owner, you know exactly what you want and need for your property. There may be a few buildings on your property, a driveway with aluminum driveway gates, a garage or even an expansive, open lawn. Your family or tenants likely live on the property, where they spend day after day in the safety of their home. Having a fence, gates and a secure property helps alleviate any worries that outsiders will gain access to your property with ill intentions. However, what about other intruders in the form of wildlife? What is keeping them at bay?

Aluminum fencing and gates can go a long way toward stopping small and large critters from showing up on your lawn, in your pool or at your door. Aluminum fences and aluminum driveway gates are made from a strong version of aluminum metal that can withstand wear and tear year after year. There is a protective powder coating on aluminum fencing panels that ensures the metal is kept safe from moisture, which could begin the oxidation process. To keep the aluminum looking great through the seasons, you only need to clean it with mild detergent and water to remove any dirt and debris from the special coating. It’s easy to maintain, affordable, a breeze to purchase online, and can keep your property and those living on it safe from any unusual predicaments.

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Who, What, Where, When and Why

Anything can happen when animals are involved. What kind of animals do you find in your area? Depending on your location, you could find anything from skunks and raccoons to deer and even alligators moseying onto your property. The reason they find their way to you is purely luck. Perhaps they are migrating south and your property is just in their path. They might not be on your property with bad intentions, but they can cause havoc on your landscaping, furniture, pool area, and any pets you have.

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All About the Paneling

To keep the wildlife at bay and away from your property, you need to choose the right type of fence and gate. Aluminum fencing and gates comes in panel form, with plenty of options for customization to fit your needs. Those who live in areas where animals may roam free often choose a specific type of panel on their aluminum driveway gates and fences. One option is puppy panels, which have extra pickets along the bottom to allow for even less space between the main pickets. This helps with keeping smaller creatures out and pets safely inside the yard. Another popular option for small and large animals alike is privacy panels. These allow for no room between pickets, providing a more safe, secure and private property. Always opt for the highest fencing option to ensure no animals can jump over the top.

You don’t need to rely only on fencing material to keep wildlife out. Use different options, such as special motion sensor lighting or large bushes and shrubs, to keep animals away from the yard. With strong and strategic aluminum fencing and some added protection, you can have a wildlife-free property.

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