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Protecting your fence is necessary for a few reasons. Whatever the property type, it’s important to keep your fence protected from outside elements.

When you invest your money into any big-ticket item, you want to know that you can keep it in mint condition for a while. Buying something that takes a lot of upkeep, cleaning or refurbishing over the years might not be the best way to spend your money.

Depending on your property type, there may be a lot to think about. Commercial and industrial properties, in particular, involve a lot of outdoor work to ensure the property line is safe, secure and usable. Having entrances and exits in place while keeping the property locked up tight is a balancing act that can be done easily with commercial or industrial fencing made of aluminum.

Why is aluminum such a hot item in the wonderful world of fencing right now? It’s simple: this metal is built to last. Aluminum isn’t too heavy and can be molded into sturdy fencing panels. These panels can be ordered online and installed at your property at your own convenience as part of a DIY project.

Let the Coating Protect the Metal

The strength of aluminum also comes from its ability to resist falling apart when moisture finds its way to the metal. Aluminum residential, commercial and industrial fencing does not rust the way other metal fencing would because aluminum oxidizes in a special way that does not make the structure weak or frail.

A white powder and unsightly change in appearance occurs when the oxidation process begins. Although the fence won’t disintegrate from moisture, it is still important to protect it from the elements so it can last a long time. Aluminum fencing comes with a protective powder coating over all parts and panels, which keeps any wetness from hitting the metal itself.

9 Foot High Aluminum Fence

Protecting Fencing from Debris and Weather

Having a protective powder coating is very important, but what about when the weather gets crazy and debris is thrown all over the fence after a storm? Although aluminum fencing has a great outer protective coating, if a branch is heavy enough or an unfortunate accident occurs with large machinery, the powder coating could be scratched.

To avoid these kinds of scratches to the surface, plan your landscaping and entryways accordingly. For example, if a tree hanging over the fence seems to be rotting and branches may fall on the fence, call a professional to trim the tree. When it comes to machinery or vehicles scratching the fencing, be sure you measure out enough space at the entrances and exits to allow for easy passage.

Large Pool Fence

Protection Season After Season

From time to time, it will be important to look for any scratches or dents to the surface of the powder coating. This can be easily achieved by checking the surface every time you clean the fence. The fence will only need to be cleaned between seasons, or more often if it becomes incredibly muddy or dirty. During the easy cleaning process, just take a look at the surface and check for any scratches.

Protecting your fence from the elements, unforeseen events or dirt and debris may be out of your control, but with the protective powder coating and the strong metal underneath, your fence is sure to last for many seasons, year after year.

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