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Getting ready for the colder months of winter means preparing your yard and fence for the temperature change and possible icy conditions.

When you picked out a fencing material, did you consider how it would fare in every season? Fencing materials are not all created equal. Some won’t perform as well as others in extreme temperatures or adverse weather conditions.

Best Material for All Weather

When checking out everything there is on offer, property owners must consider what will be best for their yard as well as their geographical location. With some parts of the country being extremely wet and humid, using a material like wood that may rot wouldn’t be ideal. Similarly, dry and hot weather can damage certain subpar materials. An aluminum panel fence, however, can withstand all extreme weather conditions.

Aluminum fencing is made of a strong metal that won’t change its shape or rot away when the weather becomes freezing. Wet weather and moisture are also no problem for this metal thanks to its protective outer layer. This powder coating on all parts of the fence ensures no moisture gets through to the metal below. Even if moisture did find its way to the aluminum below, aluminum does not rot or rust the way other materials do when they get wet. The oxidation process is different and doesn’t damage the structure.

Freezing weather is also no match for an aluminum panel fence. The metal is strong enough that it won’t be toppled over by heavy snow. With the strength of the metal and the attractive nature of aluminum fencing, it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice for residential, commercial and industrial fencing.

Aluminum Fence In Snow

Deep Cleaning for Good Fence Health

You now know that choosing an aluminum panel fence is the best option for your area’s weather. There is one thing that you will want to do to get your fence prepared for any change in weather, however: give it a good deep cleaning.

The fence doesn’t need a power washer or any other type of fancy cleaning equipment. You don’t even need a special washing detergent! Deep cleaning your fence is easy and won’t take forever. You simply need to wash each piece and part with a rag and soapy water. Easy, right?

Deep cleaning before the season changes isn’t just about having a sparkly and fresh fence. This is also the perfect time to give the fence a quick yet important checkup. Remember that protective powder coating? It could have been scratched or dented by something, so checking for any breaks in the coating is best done when it’s clean.

If you do find any scratches, don’t worry! You won’t need to replace any panels or complete costly and time-consuming repairs like you would with other fencing materials. Instead, you will just need to cover the scratches with a simple but effective paint touch-up.

Close Up Khaki Fence

Finishing Touches

Another thing you’ll want to do to ensure your fence is ready for the season and weather ahead is to check the yard area for any rogue debris. Winter weather can mean plenty of wind, rain, and even snow. You don’t want any branches or decor pieces to find their way to the fence. Clearing up these items is an easy solution.

Finally, check that your hinges and locks are in good condition and lubricated, ready for the seasons ahead. All of these quick methods of getting your fencing ready for the weather change will keep it looking great all year!

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