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When you’re deciding what fence to purchase for your property, you will want to be sure you fully understand all the lingo used during the process.

Arbors, finials, double pickets, powder coating, spears… There are some unique words used to describe various aluminum fencing parts that may not currently be in your vocabulary. It’s helpful to understand the lingo for this type of fencing so you can make the most out of your next fencing project. After all, you want to be able to take full advantage of all that is on offer to you so you have the best-looking and strongest fence around.

Why Aluminum?

There are plenty of fencing materials to choose from, so why should you choose aluminum? You have likely heard of other metal fencing options, such as wrought iron or steel, but we’re here to explain why aluminum is a popular and affordable choice. A residential, commercial or industrial aluminum fence is built out of a strong grade of metal with a protective powder coating.

You will hear this term “powder coating” a lot when reading about aluminum fencing because of the great addition it makes to this type of fencing. The powder coating is put over the entire fence, including the panels, posts, and any extra additions. This powder coating helps protect the metal from moisture to prohibit the oxidation process from beginning. The powder coating will last a while and just needs to be checked from time to time to ensure there are no dents or scratches.

Racked Aluminum Fencing

Bold and Beautiful

When designing an aluminum fence, there are so many decisions to make. From the size and the height to the color and the style, you are in full control over every aspect. Depending on whether you are designing a residential, commercial, or industrial aluminum fence, you may lean toward a more classic look or something with more excitement.

For a more classic look, such as a more muted security fence for a commercial or industrial property, you may be satisfied with the original look of a basic aluminum fence. This is comprised of multiple vertical pickets all attached by a few horizontal bars. For some extra pizzazz and even additional security, you can choose to have spear tops at the top of this type of fence instead of the typical flat top. There are also other top options, such as finials, which give off a more regal look, often with a small ball at the top of a point. Spear tops look like small pointed tips at the top of each picket. These give off a particular vibe for security fencing and can send a message about what type of property it is.

Aluminum Gate with Finials and custom posts


Creating an attractive fence by choosing various tops for the pickets is one way to make the fence your own. Another way is to add additional aluminum extras to the property, such as arbors, gates, or handrails. An aluminum arbor is an entryway that looks like an arch that you can walk below. Many people choose to add plant life, such as vines. To continue with the aluminum theme, many properties can benefit from having handrails along walkways, stairs, or patios.

Whether you are looking for an additional part, a gate, or a beautiful and secure fence, aluminum is a versatile and affordable choice.

White Aluminum Arbor