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Installing an aluminum fence is great on its own, but there are attractive and useful additions you can also install on your property.

You don’t have to be a designer to create the perfect outdoor spaces on your property. Aluminum fencing and gates can bring an element of beauty to your space with an easy online ordering process and quick do-it-yourself installation. But why choose aluminum in the first place?

Aluminum is a tough metal that can be made into various grades of fencing panels, posts, and gates. This fencing type is built to last and won’t rot or need to be replaced like other fencing materials. Aluminum fencing can be purchased online with all the necessary parts sent right to your property, ready for installation. What you end up with is a classic and elegant fence that aids in the safety and security of the property, whether it is a residential, commercial, or industrial property.

Aluminum gate around residential garden

Gated Entryways

Driveway aluminum gates are an attractive and easy way to simultaneously add some beauty and security to your property. These can be added to a property whether or not there is an aluminum fence attached to the gates. Aluminum gated entryways do need to be attached to some sort of post that is set in the ground. There are aluminum posts that you can order at the same time as the gate panels, or you can create your own addition by using stone or brick posts that match with the rest of the property.

When you go to order driveway aluminum gates, you will see that there are many style options to choose from, such as how the gate will open and what the panel will look like – in particular, the top of the pickets. The design you choose for the top of your pickets is up to you. A popular choice is to have an exposed top without a horizontal bar across the top. Each picket then gets a special top, spear, or finial, depending on what design you like best.

Aluminum Gate

Hold on Tight

Depending on your property type, there may be the need for other fencing additions, such as handrails. This is especially true for commercial properties or large apartment buildings that may consist of multiple levels of balconies. Handrails made from aluminum are just as strong as aluminum fencing panels and are built to last through extreme weather and intense wear and tear.

As with any aluminum panel—whether it is for a fence, gate, or handrail— it is important to keep the metal clean. This doesn’t mean that intense upkeep or a cleaning regimen is needed, but it is important to keep an eye on the specialized powder coating. This powder coating keeps the aluminum metal free from moisture to keep it strong, sturdy, and looking great year after year. Keeping this powder coating in good shape is as easy as giving the fence, gate or handrail a simple cleaning between seasons and checking for any scratches or dents in the panel.

Choosing an aluminum fence is a great decision for your property. Choosing extra additions such as handrails, gates, and any other aluminum security option means you are fully ready with a high-quality product to keep your property safe, secure, and beautiful.

Black Residential Fence with Rings