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How to Make Sure Your Yard is Cat-Proof

Whether you want to make sure your own cats stay safely at home or you want to keep your neighbors’ pesky kitties off your property, you need a fence around your yard. An aluminum fence could be the perfect solution to any cat-related garden worries. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Aluminum Is Hard to Climb

Aluminum is a great material to use if you want to make sure you have a cat-proof fence. Cats are fantastic climbers and can scale most wooden fences with ease, no matter how tall they are. Cats find it harder to get a steady grip on metal than they do on wood, so aluminum fences are a great way to stop your cat from escaping from your yard – and stop your neighbors’ cats from getting in!

Aluminum Doesn’t Make Comfortable Perches

Aluminum is a good material for dealing with cats who decide to sit in your garden and yowl at unacceptable hours. If you need to get rid of this problem, you can install a fence with a pointed top that won’t make a comfortable sitting spot for the local cat population. You can choose from a classic spear top, alternating spear top, and more to find a design that suits your style and keeps the neighborhood pests away!

I Have an Indoor Cat – Why Do I Need to Cat-Proof My Home?

It’s especially important to make sure you have a cat-proof fence around your garden if you have an indoor-only cat! Some owners choose to keep their cats as indoor-only pets for the cat’s safety, for the safety of local wildlife, or simply due to personal preference. However, even cats that are kept indoors for their whole lives can sometimes make unwise escape attempts. Whether you have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, the best way to make sure that they can’t run too far away is to install a fence that they can’t climb up or escape through the bars.

What Kind of Fence Do I Need?

Most cat owners will find that a standard residential fence is perfect for their needs. Residential fences are available in sizes of up to six feet high. However, cats are notoriously good at scaling tall fences, so if you live in a high-traffic area, you might want to invest in a commercial fence for that extra peace of mind.

Puppy Panels – Not Just for Puppies!

Puppy panels are great for keeping puppies and small dogs safe in your yard – but did you know that they work great for cats, too? Cats are famous for their ability to sneak through even the smallest of gaps between bars. Installing a puppy panel at the bottom of your fence is a good way to make sure that your cats can’t escape – and that your neighbor’s cats will have a harder time getting in!

What Are Puppy Panels?

Puppy panels, sometimes called puppy pickets, short pickets, or puppy pickets, are an optional design element that is fabricated directly into the gate. They help to keep your pets safe in your yard while keeping other local animals away.

Why not check out our Knowledge Base for more information on how aluminum fences can help keep your cats safe and keep the neighbors’ cats out?