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Whether you’ve driven into the city for work or for play, few things are as important as knowing that you’ve got somewhere safe and secure to leave your vehicle. We’ve all seen parking lots that are just flat expanses of concrete that won’t keep your car or truck safe. If you’re on the lookout for a truly secure place to park, make sure you seek a parking lot that is surrounded by an aluminum fence.

Aluminum Fencing for Car Lots

Some parking lots are surrounded by old-fashioned wooden fencing. There are lots of reasons you should consider driving on until you’ve found a parking lot that is surrounded by an aluminum fence instead. One of the major advantages that aluminum fences have over wooden fencing is that they’re more resistant to the weather. This means that aluminum fences are far less likely to blow over in bad weather. Their paintwork is also more resistant to rain and snow, meaning it won’t fade as quickly so your lot will continue looking attractive to passers-by.

But how do you decide which kind of fencing is the most appropriate for your parking lot? Let’s take a look at the different kinds of aluminum fence that are best for car lots and truck stops.

Commercial Aluminum Fences – The Best for High-Traffic Areas

If you’re operating a parking lot that sees a large number of visitors each day, a commercial aluminum fence could be the best kind of fencing for you. Commercial aluminum fences come in a range of heights between seven and nine feet high, making them more secure than standard residential fences. This means that they’re harder for potential intruders to scale, so visitors can leave their cars knowing that they’ll be safe from theft. For extra peace of mind, you can choose to add spear tops to your fence to make it even harder to scale.

We’ve seen that commercial aluminum fences are perfect for protecting large car lots, but what if you’re driving a much bigger vehicle, like a truck? A commercial aluminum fence might not do the trick here, but there’s definitely a type of fencing that will!

Aluminum Fencing for Truck Stops

If you’re driving a commercial truck or trailer, it’s even more important that you find a parking lot where you and the goods you’re transporting can stay safely overnight. Heavy-duty vehicles require heavy-duty protection. If you own a truck stop or any other lot that’s used by lots of heavy vehicle users, you might want to consider surrounding your lot with an industrial aluminum fence.

Why Are Industrial Aluminum Fences the Safest Fencing for Trucks?

It’s no secret that some trucks are huge and used to transport vast quantities of goods. The huge size of the trucks means that they won’t necessarily be fully protected by a standard commercial aluminum fence. Industrial aluminum fences, however, are incredibly strong and available in sizes of up to ten feet high. Industrial fencing is most often used to keep warehouses secure, so it’s guaranteed to add an extra layer of security to any truck stop.

No matter what kind of parking lot you own, aluminum fences offer the best level of security for your visitors.