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Pool fencing has an extremely important job to do. It keeps everyone who uses the pool safe, protecting youngsters and keeping unwanted animal visitors out. And while a fencing surround is a legal requirement for all homes with a swimming pool, that doesn’t mean it has to look boring. 

Aluminum is an excellent choice of material for your pool fencing. Lightweight and easy to install, an aluminum pool fence is durable and long-lasting, requiring little to no maintenance. It is given a special powder coating that makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. This means that, over time, an aluminum fence is a cost-effective option. Many people don’t realize that aluminum pool fencing also has the real benefit of bringing with it plenty of design possibilities. Here are four tips to keep in mind when choosing a pool fence that will always look great.

Take time to consider your design

Take a good look at your outdoor space to try to get a feel for what color and style of aluminum fence would be most appropriate. Look at the overall design of your garden to see if you can echo its style and character in your pool fencing. Some people try to make their pool fence blend into their garden landscape, while others like to make a feature of it.

Use color to make your fence blend in

An aluminum pool fence does not just have to be black. There are many different color choices available for the finish of your aluminum. This means you can choose an option that will blend in better with your pool surroundings and the general look of your home. For example, if your garden is blessed with lots of greenery, you may want to opt for a khaki green powder-coated finish that is sympathetic to the surroundings. If your pool and its surrounding tiles are white, a white aluminum fence can blend in while a black one can stand out and make a bold statement.

Choose the right style for your yard

Aluminum fences come in many different shapes and sizes. When it comes to pool fencing, don’t forget these options can still apply. Take time to consider what shapes would work best for your home. As long as the fencing meets BOCA requirements, you can decide on the style and choose whether you want a flat top, spear top, or alternating design. You may want to echo the designs used elsewhere around your home, such as the fencing around your property or the driveway gates, or you may wish to choose a completely different design to create a striking contrast.

Don’t forget the details

Pool fencing can also benefit from added details that can create harmony in your yard and pool area. Fence rings and arches can also be added to your pool fence design and can echo other style choices around your home and its surroundings. Adding these details will truly embrace the fence and make it a central part of your garden design. 

All swimming pools in the U.S. that are in-ground, whether partially or completely, are required by law to have a fenced enclosure. Above-ground pools may also need fencing depending on the depth of the water. Requirements vary from state to state. Make sure you know the requirements where you live.