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When it comes to aluminum fencing, there are three main categories: residential, commercial and industrial. While the names of these three categories may seem clear, there are actually times when the fencing types may cross over. There may be instances where an industrial business opts for commercial fencing or a commercial venture opts for residential fencing. Here are three reasons why you may want to consider a commercial aluminum fence around your residential property.

What Is the Difference?

Before we look at the reasons a homeowner may choose a commercial aluminum fence, let’s first consider the differences between the two. Residential fencing is typically, as the name suggests, used around residential properties. It simultaneously boosts curb appeal and security and can be designed with features including a puppy picket to keep small animals from escaping or any decorative features you desire.

Commercial fencing, on the other hand, is designed for commercial ventures such as shops, businesses and restaurants. It usually has larger pickets and rails, and it is taller and sturdier. This is because commercial fencing is usually made with high-traffic areas in mind. It is normally made from thicker aluminum but still offers a fantastic range of design options and picket styles so it remains stylish and sophisticated.

Reasons to Choose Commercial Fencing Around Your Property

1. You Have a Very High-Value Home or Live in a Burglary-Prone Area

Residential aluminum fencing used in a residential area helps to increase security and acts as a great deterrent. Commercial aluminum fencing in a residential area is next-level security. Having such a fence shows would-be burglars that you take your home security very seriously. Thicker, taller and sturdier, a commercial fence could be off-putting for many criminals, meaning they will leave your hard-earned possessions and property alone. This may be something to consider if you live in an area where burglaries are a frequent occurrence or if you live in an expansive high-value home, particularly one with a longer driveway. The broad range of design features available means your aluminum fence panel and gates will still look super stylish and make your home the envy of the street.

2. For Optimum Pool Safety

Pool safety needs to be taken very seriously. Having a swimming pool at your property is certainly a huge asset, but it is also a huge responsibility – especially when small children are around. With its increased strength and durability, commercial fencing could be a great option for poolside fencing. You may want to take the step up from residential to commercial fencing around your swimming pool to give you complete peace of mind that your children and loved ones are less likely to have an accident. Always be sure to check BOCA regulations, as well as the rules and regulations in place in your state. 

3. You Live in an Area with Lots of Through-Traffic

If your home sits in an area that gets lots of passers-by, you may choose to have commercial fencing to help increase your privacy. With their extra height, commercial fences can be a great option to help give your home a little more protection from prying eyes. You may also want to add expanded metal to help increase the privacy and strength of your fence. 

Always remember to check if there are any local regulations in force before installing your new aluminum fence.