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There are many reasons aluminum fencing has become such a popular choice for businesses and homeowners in recent years. Not only does it look stylish and sophisticated, but aluminum fence panels are known for their durability and strength. In fact, it is their longevity that many cite as their reason for choosing to invest in it over other metal or wooden options. But how long can you expect your aluminum fencing to last, and why does this type of fencing enjoy such great longevity?

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What is the normal lifespan for an aluminum fence?

Experts believe you can expect an aluminum panel fence to last for as many as 50 years, if not more. That’s a pretty impressive length of time and one that makes the already reasonable cost seem even more appealing. An aluminum fence has a longer lifespan than its wooden, iron or steel counterparts. Wrought iron is often selected as an aesthetically pleasing choice, but it can corrode and rust over time, taking away a large chunk of its visual appeal. Steel, meanwhile, requires regular sanding and repainting and can corrode as it ages, meaning it can be considered a fairly high-maintenance option. Wood will also rot and decay over time and will require regular painting and maintenance. 

Aluminum is considered a non-ferrous metal, which means it does not react to water or moisture and will not oxidize or rust. This makes it an extremely weather-resistant option and one that works well in harsh or difficult climates, such as around a coastal property or in an area of high rainfall. It is always worth checking the metal content of your aluminum fencing before you buy as panels with a higher percentage of metal will naturally be stronger and more durable.

Will I need to do anything to my aluminum fencing?

Due to its weather-resistant, anti-corrosive nature, an aluminum panel fence is a really low-maintenance option. It will require little to no actual upkeep over the years. However, to keep it looking its absolute best, it is worth spending a little time every few months washing it down with soap and water to keep it pristine. This will help to remove any mud or dirt that may make your fence look less than perfect. 

Will I need to paint my aluminum fence?

An aluminum fence panel will not usually require any painting. This is because most are given a special powder-coated finish that helps further increase durability and aesthetic appeal. In this process, the powder is electrostatically applied to the aluminum before being cured under high heat. This creates a durable, rust-free skin on the metal that will not require repainting as it will not peel, blister or crack. This does not, however, mean that you are limited in your choice of finish and color. A good array of color options for aluminum fencing can still be found, ranging from classic black and white to more unusual pewter and khaki.

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Is aluminum fencing the most cost-effective option?

Divide the cost of aluminum fencing by the number of decades you can expect it to last and you will find it is the most cost-effective option out there. Choosing aluminum fencing gives you the chance to invest your hard-earned money into something that will last for decades and will always look great.