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When it comes to aluminum fencing, choosing the right color can mean the difference between a run-of-the-mill fence and one that makes your property really stand out. There are a host of color options available for your aluminum fencing, even though black is often the first choice that springs to mind. Here is our guide to finding the best color for your fencing.

Do your planning

The first thing to do when selecting a color for your aluminum fencing is to contact your local authority or homeowner’s association. Some areas do have restrictions in place on which colors can be used. Always check before you commit to anything as getting it wrong could be a costly mistake.

Stand out or blend in?

Once you are aware of the color options available to you, a big choice lies ahead: should you stand out or blend in? You need to decide whether you want your fence color to complement your surroundings and neighborhood or contrast with it. This is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Do your research

Drive around your neighborhood and local area to see which fence colors you like best. Do you prefer something different that stands out from the crowd, or is a classic black or white choice more of your vibe? Seeing fences of different colors in real life can be far better than simply looking at a small square on a color chart or wheel. 

Consider the style of your own home

The fence color you decide on should be heavily influenced by the style of your home. Take some time to look at your home and understand its aesthetics, then determine which color will complement or contrast with it best. A traditional or colonial-style home may better suit a classic white fence, while a more modern-style home could benefit from a sleek black aluminum fence. 

Style 1 Driveway Gate - Classic Spear Top with RINGS

Look at your landscape

When looking for the perfect fence color, do not forget to consider the landscape surrounding your home or business. For example, khaki green can be a great color to complement a bright and bold floral landscape, while bronze can look fantastic against more neutral landscapes.

Do not forget the classics

Do not be afraid to opt for classic black or white. A black aluminum fence never fails to look smart and sophisticated and will stand the test of time. White is also a timeless choice. What could be more traditionally American than a white picket fence? Do not view a white or black aluminum fence as boring; see them as a classic instead.

Consider the finish

The finish you choose for your aluminum fencing will have a significant impact on its look. A high-shine gloss finish gives a very different overall look from a more muted and textured satin finish. Take time to consider which aesthetic will suit your home better.

The beauty of aluminum fencing is that once you have made your color selection, you will not need to carry out any maintenance, repairs, or repainting. Aluminum fences are not susceptible to the effects of water or weather, and experts believe they can last for 50 years or even longer Aluminum fencing is usually given a special powder-coated finish. This is a powder-based painting application where the powder is electrostatically applied and cured under heat to create strong, durable, and rust-free skin.