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Ronald Reagan once said: “Our American tradition of neighbor helping neighbor has always been one of our greatest strengths and most noble traditions.” So, when it comes to selecting and installing your new aluminum fencing, there are some simple etiquette rules you may want to follow to ensure your relationship with your neighbors stays on strong and noble terms. 

Stair Stepping Bronze Aluminum Fence with Blank Posts + Straight Mounts

1. Check rules and regulations with the local authority or homeowner’s association

Before selecting and installing your aluminum fencing, it is necessary to contact your local authorities to see what – if any – rules and regulations are in place when it comes to fencing in your neighborhood. Some areas have different regulations regarding height, materials or color. These are in place to help protect the look and character of the area, and it is important to check these out before installing your new metal fencing panels. Failing to do so could be a costly mistake further down the line.

2. Tell your neighbors what you plan to do

It almost goes without saying that it is polite to inform your neighbors of what you plan to do, just as a matter of courtesy. After all, it is likely that they will be impacted by your new aluminum fencing as it will border their property. You should also warn them about when the installation work is going to be carried out.

3. Check those property boundaries

Before measuring for your new aluminum fencing, it is important to check your boundaries. Make sure you know exactly where the parameters of your property are and do not cross them. There is no quicker way to fall out with the neighbors than by failing to check first and installing your metal fencing panels on land that should really belong to your neighbors. To find your property boundaries, you can check on your property survey, which should have been given to you upon purchasing your home. If this is not clear, you may need to hire a surveyor or refer to the deeds of your property. Your county authority may also be able to provide that information for you.

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4. Look for underground cables

Nothing is going to make you more unpopular in the neighborhood than cutting through or damaging any underground electricity, water or gas pipes. This could impact not only your property but neighboring ones, too. Check with your local utility companies to find out the location of underground pipes and cables before you begin installing your metal fencing panels.

5. Keep your fencing looking good

Help make your neighborhood look attractive by ensuring your fence is clean and well-maintained. Nobody wants to be that house letting the side down on the street, driving down house prices, and annoying the neighbors. An aluminum fence is a great choice in this regard because it is an extremely low-maintenance option. The metal is not impacted by the effects of water, humidity, or weather. Aluminum fences can stay looking good for decades, and thanks to a special powder coating, they do not need regular repair or repainting. All that is required is a wash-down with a hose once in a while. 

While some of these tips are necessary and others are simply a courtesy, following them will help make sure you and your neighbors stay on good terms.