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Industrial fencing is the crème-de-la-crème of security fencing. Taller and heavier than its residential or commercial counterparts, an industrial fence is the best way to keep your business protected from intruders. Anyone who has worked hard to create a business knows how important it is to keep it safe and protect what you have built. Burglaries, theft, and vandalism can all have a significant impact on a business, costing time and money to rectify.

Many businesses opt for an industrial fence, which, along with alarms and CCTV, can be a terrific way to keep your business safe. But what extra steps can you take to make sure your industrial fence is as security-savvy as it can be? Here are some optional extras you can add to boost its safety credentials even further. 

Consider your fence design

One of the key advantages of aluminum industrial fencing is the wide array of design options available, helping to create a smart, sophisticated, and aesthetically pleasing image for your business. Buyers can choose from spear top, staggered spear, flat top, flat top with a spear, and convex spear design options, to name but a few. If you are looking to ensure your fencing is as secure as possible, think carefully about the top of the fence design you choose. Your business’s fence needs to look smart and attractive yet somewhat formidable and be difficult to scale so it can be a deterrent to would-be thieves and vandals. Spear top options can be one way to help keep intruders at bay. These spikier fence tops can look more daunting and are more difficult to scale. 

S3 - Flat Top with Spear - 4 RAILS + Bottom Rail Flush

Use puppy pickets

Don’t just think about the top of your fencing; criminals will use every means possible if they want to gain access to your business. Consider the extra security you could add at the base of your fencing. Puppy pickets, a narrow row of pickets at the bottom of a fence, can make your property even more secure. Not only can they stop criminals from getting in, but they can also stop animals from getting through to your premises and causing costly damage.

Black Aluminum Estate Gate - Style 9 - Flat Top Flush Bottom Rail + Flat Top Puppy Pickets

Add some expanded metal

This mesh sheeting is an optional extra on aluminum gates and fences and is a fantastic way to increase safety without detracting from the look of the fence. Expanded metal is known for its strength, and adding it to your industrial fence can further increase its robustness. It will also make your fencing harder for would-be intruders to climb, is difficult to cut, and prevents goods or tools from being passed through it. Like all aluminum fence products, it is exceptionally durable and is not affected by rust or corrosion, making it a low-maintenance addition to your fence. Another bonus is that it can help increase the privacy of your site.

Choose gates wisely

When looking to increase safety and security, don’t forget to look at industrial gate options. You can choose from a selection of single, double, or estate gates. All of these are fully lockable and can help to boost the security of your business. Make sure your gate choices are as secure as your fencing to eliminate any weak spots around the perimeter of your business.