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Most property owners look for ways to add value to their homes, ensuring their purchase is a worthwhile investment. There are lots of possible changes and upgrades that can help you add value to your property, from extensions and loft conversions to garden landscaping and new carpets and flooring. But one thing you may not have considered is aluminum driveway gates. Experts believe adding these to your home can add around 5% to its value. Here’s why.

Aluminum Estate Gate with Rings and Mid Rail

They increase security

Improving the security of your home usually leads to an increase in its value and makes it more attractive for future potential buyers. One of the main reasons to opt for driveway gates is for the security they bring. Not only do driveway gates make entering and exiting your property more difficult, but they also act as a deterrent to would-be burglars. Most burglaries are committed by opportunist thieves, so a property with extra security measures, such as driveway gates, is less likely to be targeted. Driveway gates allow you to increase control over who gains access to your property. Aluminum is the perfect material for driveway gates if you are looking to boost security because it is strong, durable, and long-lasting. 

They improve curb appeal

Anything that increases your home’s curb appeal is also likely to lead to an increase in its value. Aluminum gates certainly fit the bill. Driveway gates add a smart and sophisticated look to your home, making it look neat and attractive from the outside. Aluminum gates are the best option for this because the metal is treated with a special powder-coated paint layer, meaning it is less likely to scratch or scuff and will not need repainting. This means your gates will look great for a very long time, with experts claiming some aluminum fencing can last for as long as 30 years. Driveway gates made from aluminum also offer lots of different design options, including sunburst arches, decorative scrolls, and puppy pickets to help you create a unique look that perfectly complements your property.

They can be very convenient

An aluminum driveway gate can be made automatic through the simple addition of a gate operator. This will increase its convenience and save you time and energy in the morning. This will likely also make your home more attractive to possible future buyers and help it stand out from other homes in your neighborhood. While automatic gates were once considered the preserve of the very wealthy and only found on huge sprawling estates, with cost-effective aluminum fencing, they are achievable for more people.

Industrial Double Swing Driveway Gate with 2 Drop Rods

They give your more privacy

While community spirit is a nice sentiment, most people also value privacy. Driveway gates help a property to offer increased privacy levels. They can help keep out unwanted callers and partially obstruct the view into your home. You can maintain your privacy by deciding who has access to your home and land.

Adding driveway gates made from aluminum to your home can have a real impact on its value. Add to this the fact that aluminum gates can last for decades, you can install them yourself and they require little to no maintenance, and it is clear they are a worthwhile investment.