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It is important for businesses to protect their premises to help avoid costly burglaries and thefts while also keeping staff and customers safe. Many businesses choose to boost their security credentials with a commercial or industrial fence. There are many different materials from which a commercial or industrial fence can be made. One of the most popular is aluminum. We look at how an aluminum fence compares to other materials when it comes to protecting your business.


Aluminum is a clear winner here. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum does not react to moisture in the same way as ferrous metals. That means it will not rust or oxidize and therefore requires little maintenance. Regular cleaning is all that is needed to keep your aluminum fence looking good, saving you time and money.


Managing your business’s budget carefully is so important, especially in these economically challenging times. The cost of a fence will always depend on the grade of fencing (residential, commercial, industrial), its size, any decorative features added, and the material. 

Wood is often the cheapest material but it will require lots of maintenance, which means the cost mounts up over time. Wrought iron is one of the most expensive fence materials. Aluminum, on the other hand, is considered a cost-effective option. Plus, it will not cost you in repairs over the years and pays for itself over time. 


You only get one chance to make a first impression in business, and having a smart and aesthetically pleasing fence is so important. There is no doubt that a wrought iron or steel fence can be an attractive option. However, aluminum fencing brings with it a huge range of style possibilities. Its lightweight nature means it can be molded into almost any design you wish. This means it is possible to create a fence design that is similar to and on par with a wrought iron fence but costs less. 

There are many different aluminum fence designs and decorative features that can be added, including puppy pickets, sunburst arches, finials, and decorative scrolls. Furthermore, aluminum is given a special powder-coated paint finish that brings added strength and security. The color will not fade and will not require regular repainting. 

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Strength and Longevity

The main purpose of installing a fence around a business is to improve security. Therefore, it needs to be strong. Do not underestimate aluminum here. Just because it is a lightweight metal does not mean it cannot be strong. Aluminum fencing can be molded into a continuous shape, giving it greater strength and integrity. It is also resistant to rust and other issues that could compromise the strength of wrought iron, steel, or wooden fence. 

When it comes to longevity, aluminum fares well, too. Iron and steel fences can last for several decades but will require upkeep and maintenance during that time. Experts believe aluminum fencing can last anywhere between 30 and 50 years and will require minimal repair and upkeep. Plus, aluminum comes in different grades, with an aluminum industrial fence being taller, thicker, and stronger so it is able to provide greater protection to businesses.

Overall, aluminum is a great fencing option for businesses. Not only is it strong, durable, and stylish, but it can help keep costs down without compromising on security.