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My mom doesn’t know the first thing about aluminum fences but she sure has opinions about them!

As we drove down the street recently she commented, “That looks terrible!” referring to an old wooden fence that might have been just fine in other neighborhoods but looked out of place where we were. Was my mom wrong? No. Was the fence right? Absolutely not.

How do you choose the right fence for your property so that my mother or your mother (or anyone else for that matter) has a positive reaction as they drive by?

There are 4 things to consider before you start the buying process:

1. Consider your reasons for purchasing a fence:

  • aluminium pool fenceWill your fence be used primarily for privacy?
  • Will your fence be used as a deterrent to burglary?
  • Will your fence be used to surround a swimming pool?
  • Will your fence be used to keep pets in the yard?
  • Will your fence be used primarily for defining your property lines with a decorative flair?
  • Will your fence be used to keep children safe and out of the street or woods?

These questions will help you decide the type of fence to buy.

Residential Aluminum Fence in black2. Consider your neighborhood:

  • Are you in an urban setting, in the suburbs, or in a rural area?
  • Are your neighbors’ homes and landscapes ornate or low-key?
  • Are the homes a specific style, Mediterranean or Craftsman, for example?
  • Are the homes historic or new construction?

Taking a quick visual survey will help you define the style of fence you want for your property.

3. Make sure you know the rules!

  • What are your region’s BOCA laws (for swimming pools)?
  • What are your neighborhood’s CC&Rs (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) if you live in a community that has “appearance” standards is critical

Understanding “the rules” early in the shopping process saves you time, aggravation, and money.

Aluminum-fence-matching-home-color4. Consider your property itself.

  • What color fence will go well?
  • Will you complement the color of the house or match the trim or door color?
  • What finish will go well? Satin, gloss, or flat?

These questions will help you match your fence to your personality.

Once you have a good idea of what you need (function & rules) and what you want (style, color, and finish) visit GreatFence.com.

100% American Made, Rust Free Aluminum Fences and Gates

GreatFence.com offers ten (10!) beautiful styles of Aluminum residential fences and matching / complimenting aluminum gates in styles from Mediterranean to classic; simple to ornate in 10 different color/finish combinations.

GreatFence.com privacy fence We offer specialty fences for privacy, swimming pools, and pets! We have a variety of options you may add to make your fence truly your own. And we have service and support to help you get the right fence for your neighborhood, home style, and personal taste.

Heck, if you’re having trouble deciding, email us a couple of photos of your home and your neighborhood and we’ll recommend styles and colors that will work for you.

See our 100% US Made, 100% guaranteed-rust-free aluminum residential fences in our gallery or on Pinterest, then visit our homepage to place your order.

You have choices

Greatfence.com is here to help you be certain that my mom will like what you’ve installed when she drives down the street. That’s a relief! Contact us today.

Please note that GreatFence.com also offers 100% American Made, Rust Free Commercial and Industrial aluminum gates and fences, but we’ll save that for our next blog.