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Abandon the straight and narrow for a curvaceous aluminum fence that’s sure to be a knockout!

With GreatFence.com’s selection of angle posts and swivel mounts, it’s now possible to create an eye-catching twist on a classic style that adds beauty and unique character to any home! A tasteful, HOA-friendly way to add curve appeal, without risking elegant style! We especially LOVE Aluminum Fence on an Anglethe curved look around backyard play areas, ensuring a safe and stylish enclosure for your kids!

The best part about these curves (besides the fact that you don’t have to watch calories to keep ‘em?)

Easy, breezy, DIY install!

We hear time and time again from our customers that they’ve saved tons of money installing angle posts themselves, thanks to the simplicity (and durability) of our design!

Not sure where to start?

First, decide how much of an angle you’re looking to create.  For just a slight, barely-there curve (8-10 degrees) order our pre-punched line, corner, end, T (3-way) and punched gate posts like you would for a straight fence. Simply turn the fence panel, secure it with the included Fence Anglehardware, and Voila! You have a slightly curved aluminum fence!

Looking to be a bit more dramatic? We were hoping you’d say that! For bigger curves and deeper angles, you’ll want to follow these easy ordering guidelines.

Residential Aluminum Fence Angles

Order Residential Angle Posts and Horizontal Swivel Mounts.

Commercial Aluminum Fence Angles

Order Commercial Angle Posts and Horizontal Swivel Mounts.

Industrial Aluminum Fence Angles

Order Industrial Blank Posts and Horizontal Swivel Mounts.

Connecting angles onto existing posts or wall? Angle Chart

(This includes stucco, wood, cedar, brick, concrete etc.) Check out our online chart for easy, flawless ordering!

Have a curved Great Fence? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your install process in the comments below. Don’t be too shy to add a picture and show off those aluminum curves!