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Enclosed Gates


Single Swing Walk Gates

IF you’re using your own existing posts (wood, steel, pvc…etc.) like 2″ x 2″, 3″ x 3″, 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 6″, you can skip this page. Use the opening existing measurement (DLO)… i.e. the measurement from INSIDE-to-INSIDE of your two existing posts (DLO) and go directly to the page on our website regarding the ordering of Custom Width Gates.

IF, however, you want to install a single swing gate between 2 existing structures like large columns OR like a wall and a column OR like 2 walls, you MUST order 2 of our gate posts and either cement them into the ground OR facia mount them to these existing structure(s). Facia mounting is easy and very popular.

The standard hinges and self closing hinges are made up of 2 pieces — one part is attached on-site to the gate frame and the other part is mounted on-site to your post. You cannot mount these hinges to a flat surface like a wall or a large decorative column. All of our gate locks are made up of 2 pieces — one piece is mounted on-site to the gate frame and the other piece is installed on-site to a gate post. You cannot mount our gate locks to a flat surface like a wall or a large decorative column.

Standard Hinge 2 Connections

Self Closing Hinge 2 Connections

LokkLatch 2 Pieces

Magna Latch 2 Pieces

Magna Latch 2 Pieces

To properly install a single swing walk gate between 2 existing structures (house, building, wall, column) is:

a) Facia Mount 2 NON-PUNCHED Gate Posts

b) Surface Mount with welded plate 2 NON-PUNCHED Gate Posts

Simply subtract the sizes of the 2 gate posts from your original DLO and that will give you your revised DLO. For example, if the original DLO is 68 inches and you facia mount two 2″ x 2″ gate posts, then your revised (final) DLO = 64 inches.

And, now that you have your revised DLO, you can skip the remainder of this page and move on to: Custom Width Gates

Wider Single Swing Driveway Gates

We have single swing driveway and estate gates for openings up to 14 feet wide! You have to go to Industrial Single Swing gates even if this is for your home. This is very common and it’s o.k. to mix and match residential fencing and gates with an Industrial Driveway Gate for your home!

Essentially, you will follow the same exact instructions above; however, for single swing gates wider than 6 feet, you will order our 4″ x 4″ Gate Posts and subtract 8 inches from your original DLO to get your revised DLO. Also, you must upgrade and order either a) 1 pair of our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges or b) our Industrial Self Closing hinges.

Don’t worry about this spacing because we automatically subtract the required spacing (base upon your hinge choice) from your Revised DLO.

Double Swing Gates & Estate Gates

Double swing gates for existing enclosed areas (walls, columns) are much easier to deal with than single swing gates. Here you have the option of using 2 gate posts or using our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges and mounting the gate-Frame(s) of both gate-pieces directly to your column or wall.

It really comes down to personal preference as there is no right or wrong option here.

If you want to use our Industrial Self Closing Hinges, then you only have one option which is to purchase and install or facia mount two gate posts.

If you decide to facia mount OR install 2 gate posts, then follow the instructions above for single swing gates in figuring out your Revised DLO:

If you decide to column mount your new double swing gate or estate gate and only purchasing 2 pairs of our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges, then your original DLO = your Revised DLO:

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