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Heavy Duty Gate Hinge

Our strongest, and most popular, gate hinge, this product is composed of 4 parts. The receiver which is welded onto your gate frame(s) at the factory. The massive J-Bolt, receiver-bushings and 4×4 plate are packaged separately. The Heavy Duty Gate Hinge set is not a separate product. They are ordered in the gate configurators when customizing your gate.

Some users make the mistake that the massive J-Bolt goes through the gate post. This is incorrect.

The massive J-Bolt connects to the nylon bushing which is inserted into the the Receivers (which are factory welded onto the gate-Frame or gate-Frames) to the 4″ x 4″ plate, which is bolted to your gate posts. That’s why you need 8 bolts and nuts for 1 pair of HD Hinges (single gates) and 16 bolts and nuts for 2 pairs of HD Hinges (driveway/estate double gates).

Heavy Duty Gate Hinge mounting diagram
Heavy Duty Gate Hinge mounting diagram

The Heavy Duty Gate Hinge is not a stand-alone product; it’s an add-on to wide single gates, double gates and estate gates and you can price this online when configuring any of your gates. The reason it’s not a stand-alone product is because the receivers are welded on to your new gate’s frame, and then powder-coated, at the factory.

Vertical Placement of factory-welded receivers:

The top edge of the top receiver lines up with the bottom edge of the top rail. The bottom edge of the bottom receiver lines up with the top edge of the bottom rail.

To be clear, these are eyeballed. The factory welders are not taking precise measurements when they weld these, so if the customer is planning to do something ahead of time based on our hinge placement, wewould not recommend that.

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