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We used to allow factory pickups. However, with the exponential growth of our business, we were forced to discontinue this option back in 2014. Here’s Why . . .

We do not allow orders to be picked up at the factory because a) it interrupts our production workflow and b) it would require us to store orders. Holding orders on-site for pickup would be chaotic, inefficient and expensive for us. Our current process, has served us and our customers, very well, for over 16 years.

Furthermore, we strive to provide the best products at the best prices for our customers. This would be impossible if we allowed pickups because we would have to purchase another building to store and manage completed orders. The costs involved would force us to charge more for our products; and, we don’t want to do that. We ship to homes and businesses all over the continental United States and 95% of our customers aren’t in driving distance of the factory, anyway. It’s a balancing test. And, our research team has concluded that it’s just not worth it to provide this service to a small percentage of our customers while increasing costs on the rest of our nationwide customer-base. It’s just not worth it. We would rather keep our prices lower.

Fabrication, Powder Coating, Packaging, Shipment, Delivery
Fabrication, Powder Coating, Packaging, Shipment, Delivery

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