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Everyday we get a call or two asking why aluminum fences are a better way to go than iron.    We love this question because the answer is straightforward and easy to understand.

First, aluminum is strong.

Its strength-to-weight ratio makes it a reliable choice for anything from aircrafts to flashlights, and yes, to fencing.  Sure, iron is strong too, but it’s heavy and not optimum for DIY (do it yourself) installations.

Aluminum alloys such as 6005-T5 have a minimum strength of 35,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).  It is unlikely that your fence will ever require such strength, but as we are known to say, we push everything to the edge.  You can’t go wrong with a fence that’s strong.

Second, aluminum is light.

From a production standpoint, aluminum is much easier to extrude, cut, shape, paint, connect, etc. than iron because of its weight.  This makes production less expensive and therefore aluminum fencing products less expensive.

But weight is even more important after production!  90% of Greatfence.com residential clients install our aluminum fences and gates themselves, without prior experience.    This is a testament to the ease of working with a light aluminum alloy material.   Lightweight strength beats heavy strength hands down, especially for do-it-yourselfers.

With respect to gates, aluminum wins again in the weight department. Wrought iron gates are very hard on the hinges because they are so heavy.  This means that home owners and business owners have to frequently adjust, repair, and replace hinges.  Aluminum gates – even industrial size – do not create excessive wear and tear on hinges.

Finally, aluminum will not rust.

Iron and steel fences are high maintenance
Iron and steel fences are high maintenance

This is a significant feature because your fence will be exposed to “the elements” for years.  Rain and snow can cause iron to rust, and heat, cold, and wind can cause finishes to chip (which will lead to rust).

GreatFence installed in 2001
This GreatFence was installed in 2001. Still 100% rust and maintenance free.

Rust is not only ugly; it lessens the integrity of the fence structurally.  The only way around rust is regular maintenance – sanding, painting, and repair.  Who has time for that?

Aluminum fences, however, remain rust free and with our powder coat finishes they are maintenance free as well.  We guarantee it.

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