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What does BOCA it stand for?

There is a lot of confusion about B.O.C.A. and BOCA codes.  We’re here to clarify for you.

B.O.C.A stands for the Building Officials and Code Administrators International Inc It is a nonprofit agency is now known as The International Code Council or ICC . This agency along with other code organizations work to make all building and safety industry codes uniform.

They establish the minimum performance requirements for all aspects of the construction industry and have developed strict guidelines for safety of outdoor, indoor, private, and public pool settings. Also included in these guidelines are Hot tubs and spa settings.

BOCA has set the standard for model codes in the aforementioned areas. You may refer to section 421.10 for enclosures for private swimming pools, spas, and hot tubs.

Use the links below to learn more about BOCA with respect to swimming pool enclosures and visit this page to get an overview of the swimming pool enclosure requirements.

Visit www.bocai.org for more information about international safety codes.

Click here to download the 1999 Swimming Pool Code.

Learn more about swimming pool safety and enjoy your pool!