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At GreatFence.com we get really great questions about aluminum fences from concerned consumers who want to select the most eco-friendly residential or commercial fencing options. We are big fans of mother nature over here (it’s hard not be in sunny, southern California) and we are proud to sell eco-friendly aluminum fences, not just because they are beautiful, but because they promote a healthy planet. Here are the top 3 reasons why aluminum fencing is better for the environment than the alternatives.

Green tree1. Save A Tree

One of the most obvious, yet important reasons to buy an eco-friendly aluminum fence is that you save a tree! You also save yourself a lot of money on upkeep. Wood fences are in constant need of repairs, don’t hold up well in extreme heat, cold, snow or sun, and attract bugs, lots and lots of bugs, like termites!

By purchasing an aluminum fence you’re spared the hassle of maintenance and replacement, while contributing to clean air and the environment!

recycle symbol2. Skip The Rust And Corrosion

Nothing screams decay quite like rust, whether it’s on an old junk car, or on an old iron fence. Anytime water and oxygen (two necessities here on earth) come into contact with steel or iron, the process of oxidization occurs. That means a new fence in a wet climate could look used and abused way before its time.

Aluminum fences do not corrode. While rust itself is non toxic since it’s caused by all natural components, the iron and steel that it corrodes is non-recyclable which leaves us with the dilemma of what to with these fences once they’ve rusted out.

An aluminum fence can be recycled and repurposed with no harm to the environment.

green earth3. No Nasty Fumes or Chemicals

We mentioned in above that the upkeep of a wood fence is time consuming and expensive. Did you also know that maintenance and upkeep is also toxic?

Treated wood, while it won’t rot as fast as untreated wood, is maintained by using arsenate based treatments. These chemicals are hazardous to humans and wildlife alike. While there have been attempts to find safer, more environmentally friendly treatments, there are still hazards to this approach.

An aluminum fence never has to be treated with toxic chemicals to avoid rot or rust.

By choosing an aluminum fence you aren’t just enhancing the beauty of your own home, but helping to preserve this beautiful planet for years to come! Stop by www.greatfence.com and see our eco-friendly selection just in time for spring!

Green lightbulb GreatFence is proud to use recycled aluminum in our products. Aluminum is the most commonly recycled metal in the world. Our premium powder coating process is environmentally friendly.  Learn more about GreatFence.com.