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Fence posts are like the skeleton in your body. Everything “hangs” off the posts so they have to be strong and sturdy! You’ll be glad to know that GreatFence.com posts are very durable, installation is easy, and both these facts contribute to the affordability for which we are famous!

Whether it’s Residential, Commercial, or Industrial, our fence posts are strong and sturdy, AND beautiful. Plus we offer instructions and plenty of tips to make sure you are pleased with the result. It’s as easy as “insert, set, and forget.”

It’s a fact: 90% of our homeowner customers install GreatFence.com aluminum fencing without any previous experience!

“I almost feel that I should start a business installing your gates and fences. It’s that easy to install!” ~ Jan Matuska – La Canada, California

In this article we will explain the different types of aluminum fences posts we offer, the different ways you may install them, and give information about the differences between residential posts, commercial posts, and industrial posts.   Needless to say, we’re here to keep you posted!

All GreatFence.com Residential, Commercial and Industrial  aluminum fence posts come in three different formats:  Pre-Punched Posts, Blank Posts, and Gate Posts.  Let’s explore each.

Pre-Punched Posts

Greatfence.com Line PostsThe Line, Corner, End, and “T” pre-punched posts look the same from a distance. But up close, you’ll see that the location of the punches (machined slots) is based on the style, height, and number of rails in your fencing system.

GreatFence.com Corner Posts

For the line version, at left, the holes are punched on opposite sides of the posts, and are matched perfectly to the panels you have ordered. It’s Part “A” Panel-into-slot “A” Post kind of technology.

In the corner configuration at right, the slots are on adjacent sides of the post. Every installation is different, and custom. But it’s still easy!

GreatFence.com Pre-punched PostThe “T” posts are pre-punched on three sides, ready to section off parts Greatfence residential end postsof your yard, commercial area, or industrial space that you envisioned.

End posts are machine slotted (pre-punched) on just one side. They make an attractive, lasting statement to your work of “fence art.”

Blank Posts (without punch)

  • Blank posts are used for stair step and slope installations.
  • Blank posts are always used for 4” x 4” posts — 4’ x 4” posts are typically only used for single swing gates wider than 6 feet, double swing driveway gates and estate gates wider than 12 feet, industrial fence gates higher than 6 feet, and Security Fencing.

aluminium pool fenceGate Posts

  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial gate posts are available in Punched and Blank.
  • If blank posts are needed (say, to connect to a house or other structure), then go to our handy Brackets page for specifications.

Post Note:  If possible, begin installing your fence with a gate (e.g. over a walkway or driveway to avoid having your gate end up in the wrong place.  You’d hate to have to move your lawn!  We do have a work-around if you don’t heed this advice… you may trim fence panels if necessary.  It’s easy.

Another Post Note:   2” gate posts are twice as thick as 2” Line, Corner, or End Posts

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All GreatFence.com Residential, Commercial and Industrial  aluminum fence posts have the following installation methods in common.  

Greatfence residential end postsIn Ground or Flat Mount — Every installation is different! But remember, the posts are the skeleton of the “body,” (your fence) and must be strong.

For details on how deep to make post holes, how much cement to use, or how to install the flat mount post, look at our installation instructions. It’s a breeze.

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Now let’s explore GreatFence.com the three grades of GreatFence.com Aluminum Fence Posts

Residential Posts: What you need to know

  • GreatFence.com fence posts are either “pre-punched” or “blank” so that your gates and panels connect with ease even if you consider yourself “DIY-challenged.”
  • Our standard punched posts are designed for flat surfaces, for slight slopes when panels are racked up to 6″,  and for medium slopes up to 24″ when you use our “Rackable Fence Panels.
  • Residential Posts come in two basic sizes: 2” x 2” and 2.5” x 2.5” and you can use either one for residential fence posts. Use the 2.5” if you want a sturdier, beefier look, but the 2” will do just fine and save you money!
  • Residential gate posts are thicker than fence posts for strength.
  • Residential Installation is easy.  We recommend checking the level and alignment after every 4 sections of fence installed.  See installation information.

Commercial Posts: What you need to know

  • GreatFence.com commercial fence posts are just as beautiful as the residential posts, and will add value to your company’s building and the surrounding area. You may use them in residential properties as well if you prefer the look.
  • Commercial fence posts come in 2” x 2”, 2.5” x 2.5”, and 3” x 3” sizes. The walls are thicker as the length of the posts increase.
  • Commercial gateposts have thicker walls than fence posts.
  • Installation of commercial posts is easy! See notes in the installation information
  • For the most aesthetic appearance, we recommend checking the level and alignment of your commercial posts and panels after every 4 sections of fence installed.

Industrial Posts: What you need to know

  • Industrial Fence Posts start at 2.5” and can be purchased in 3” x 3” and 4”x 4” sizes.
  • Sturdier and offered in lengths up to 12 feet (144”) high, these are great for factories, airports, hospitals, etc.
  • Installation of industrial posts is easy.  See the  installation information.

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Finishing Touches for Aluminum Fence Posts

aluminum_fence_post_ball_caps_largeCap — Your posts come standard with a great-looking cap, or you can beautify your posts with our attractive Post Ball Caps in four sizes to match your posts.

2.0″ x 2.0″ Post    = 2″ Ball
2.5″ x 2.5″ Post    = 2″ Ball
3.0″ x 3.0″ Post    = 2 1/4″ Ball
4.0″ x 4.0″ Post    = 2 1/2″ Ball

Color — We can paint your entire GreatFence.com posts, panels, and gates with durable paints in nine designer colors that are guaranteed NOT to crack, peel, blister, or rust!

If you want to know more about GreatFence.com’s 100% made-in-America aluminum fence posts please contact us.  We’re here to help you love your posts as much as your fence panels and gates.