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It’s that time again! Here at GreatFence.com headquarters we look forward to your questions and on Friday we get to share some of our favorite (and most helpful) with our readers.

Today’s question, we particularly love because it’s a question we get asked a lot, especially by traditional home owners that prefer classic styles and old world charm.

Why Choose An Aluminum Fence Over Wrought-Iron?

Today’s question comes from Tim in Ohio:

“ My wife and I have been browsing your products for some time. We love the look, but I guess you can call us old-fashioned. We love wrought iron. It’s durable and classically attractive. What would be the benefit of choosing an aluminum fence over the tried-and true classic? Thanks!”

Well Tim, we’re glad you asked!

rusty steel fenceThis is a question that pops up frequently since wrought-iron has the reputation most old timers have. Dependable, stable and timeless. Along with age though comes a few problems, and your wrought-iron fence is no different. Wrought iron fences rust, require heavy maintenance and the durability of the fence is dependent on the maintenance you do. If you live in a climate where it’s sunny, you’ll have to repaint (at the very least) and if you live in a climate where you get both rain and sun, you have rust and repainting to look forward to! Not only is this a hassle, but it compromises the integrity of your fence, as well as puts a strain on the environment. See our blog about fences and sustainability.

Aluminum fences offer homeowners the best of both worlds

Aluminum Fence vs. Wrought-IronAluminum provides the durability that everyone associates with wrought-iron, but also ushers in a new wave of maintenance free fencing. Weather resistant and rust-free, aluminum fences never have to be repainted. We use only the highest grade of metals, and that includes the premium 6005-T5 aluminum alloy. All horizontal rails are designed with an elegant beveled rail and 20% ribbing for superior strength.

Simply order, install and enjoy your fence for life! Worried about the install? Over 90% of our clients install their Great Fence themselves! It really is that easy from start to finish! Want to see the details for yourself? Check out the stats directly on GreatFence.com.

We hope we answered your question Tim! In our expert opinion, especially considering the wet, unpredictable weather you get in Ohio, a Great Fence would be a GREAT choice for your home!

As always we love to hear from our readers! In the comments below tell us about your experience with aluminum fences vs. wrought-iron and how you’re enjoying the maintenance-free life!