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Elegant Aluminum fencing, is it possible?


As you know, we at GreatFence.com stand behind not just the quality of our products, but also the beauty of them. Every so often we get a question we adore to answer because it allows us the chance to show off how beautiful maintenance-free and environmentally friendly can be!

There are a lot of homeowners (and perhaps you were one of them) that consider themselves a traditionalist. You like elegant, ornate details. You don’t want your fence to look manufactured, but crafted. To you, beauty is also a function and is as important as durability. You may have thought (at one point) that an aluminum fence just doesn’t sound classic enough.

You are not alone in your wonderment – and this is one record we love to set straight 🙂

Yesterday we received this email and decided it was time for a fence-vanity blog.


I’ve read a lot of great reviews about the GreatFence product and as an individual who believes very much in social responsibility, I especially appreciate that an aluminum fence doesn’t rust, erode, or compromise the environment in any way. Now, here’s where I’m sure I’ll sound like a snob. Do all your fences end up looking the same? One of the details I love so much about old school fences is their personality and charm. If I order from you, how can I ensure that my fence stands out as a one of a kind piece?


Carmen L.

Carmen, no worries about sounding like a snob here! We all want our homes to be beautiful, welcoming and if we can pull it off, the talk of the town. It’s why we’re attracted to the neighborhoods and communities we love. Our homes are the first thing people see when evaluating our city!

With that being said, we have some GREAT news for you. Our aluminum fences are every bit of beautiful as they are sustainable, and once you take a look at your options on our website you’ll wonder why you waited so long.   You’ll find your aluminum fence charm, for sure!

How can you make sure that your aluminum fence stands out as uniquely yours?GreatFence.com French Inspired Finial

GreatFence.com offers an array of distinct details to choose from when selecting your aluminum fence. You can choose from butterfly scrolls for an eye catching look, or large aluminum fence and gate scrolls for a regal (almost Victorian) appearance.

In addition to scrolls, some of our simple, yet elegant fence designs include rings, which are rust-free powder coated metal circles and are factory pre- installed. Add a french-inspired finial and suddenly we’re not sure if you’re in California or Versailles.GreatFence.com sunburst Arch

Perhaps one of the prettiest statements you can make is with our sunburst designer gate arch, our most popular homeowner upgrade to date! This makes a beautiful addition to any of our single or double swing gates.

Thank you so much for your question Carmen! We can’t wait to see what “fence of distinction” you end up creating. To all of our readers, if you have any pictures of your “unique” GreatFence, please share in the comments below so everyone can ooh and ahhh together 🙂