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aluminum driveway gateAn aluminum gate for your driveway offers the best of both worlds: practicality and style. Aluminum is more durable and requires less maintenance than other fence material types, such as wood and bamboo, but still offers an array of styles and color options to choose from. Yet some homeowners hesitate when it comes to adding an aluminum driveway gate because of the work and cost involved or because they feel it’s not necessary. If you’re torn between installing an aluminum driveway gate and leaving your property as it is, you can make the decision by considering the following five signs you probably need one.

You Have Valuable Assets

Whether it’s jewelry or a stamp collection with a high value, you should consider investing in an aluminum fence DIY that includes a driveway gate. The fence across your driveway can help ensure your entire perimeter is secured and dissuade would-be burglars from stepping foot on your property. Just the visual of a gate can help make your home unappealing to those looking to rob it. While your insurance may cover the cost of your assets should something happen, you’re still out the deductible and the items themselves. An alarm system is a nice thing to have when it comes to home security, but never having a robber get close enough because he or she can’t get past your gate to test your alarm system is even better.

Your Neighborhood is Turning

Unfortunately, nice neighborhoods can go through rough patches or just slowly turn bad entirely. If you’re noticing more police activity, a higher crime rate and just the appearance of a declining area, such as abandoned houses and rundown buildings, your neighborhood may be on the downturn. In cases like this, extra security is an absolute must, as the state of your neighborhood may deteriorate quickly without you even being fully aware of it. Install a driveway gate to help keep undesirable people and even stray animals off of your property until the situation improves or you can move somewhere else.

You Have Vandals

Even good neighborhoods deal with their fair share of vandals. Bored teenagers may just decide to go on a joyride and break some lawn ornaments or spray paint a window or two. While not all vandals have serious intentions when it comes to doing property damage, the price tag of even a relatively innocent incident may be on the high side. A kid who decided to break a window can cost you hundreds of dollars in replacement and installation fees. Having an aluminum driveway gate makes it much harder for a vandal to access your property.

There’s another type of vandal that can ruin your gardens and landscaping: wild animals. Everything from feral cats to rabbits can really do some damage to your vegetables or flowers. A driveway gate and aluminum fence DIY can help keep some of these pests off your shrubs and out of your gardens, protecting your property’s look as well as the time and money you spent on landscaping and gardening.

You Want to Add Value

Adding new features to your property can bump up its value on the market. Upgrades that can boost your home’s worth include fencing and gates as long as they are properly installed, as they up the security level of your property. Visual appeal is also a factor, as buyers will pay more for something like aluminum fencing as opposed to chain link. Since an aluminum gate doesn’t need much in the way of maintenance, this is an upgrade you can do that won’t cost you more in the long run in terms of time and money.

You Have Pets and Children

A driveway gate can help protect your pets and children by not allowing them to quickly leave your property. It can be difficult to allow your kids or dog to play out in the yard when you live near a street with any sort of traffic when there is nothing there to ensure they can’t wander into the road. While a driveway gate can’t entirely replace your watchful eye, it will add another layer of protection for your beloved family members. Use the gate to help keep your loved ones in a safe area, away from passing cars.