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aluminum-fence-panelAluminum fencing has quickly become one of the most popular fencing options for residential and commercial properties, and it is easy to see why it’s a favorite choice.

Aluminum fence panels are designed to look similar to the old wrought-iron decorative fences, which looked great but were heavy, expensive and prone to rust, making them difficult to maintain. Aluminum fence panels provide all the benefits of a beautiful wrought-iron fence without the expense or hassle.

In a nutshell, an aluminum fence panel is a section of aluminum fencing that fits between the fence posts. The panels make up the vast majority of the fence and come in a wide range of designs, styles and sizes.


One of the key factors in the popularity of aluminum fence panels is their durability. Aluminum does not rust, and it is durable, which makes it resistant to everyday wear and tear. A moderately priced aluminum fence can last for decades with little to no maintenance. Most come with multiple coats of protective paint, which will withstand even the toughest weather conditions. No scraping, painting or replacing rusty parts with an aluminum fence, just pure enjoyment. Any product that reduces a property owner’s workload is bound to be popular.


Another benefit of aluminum fence panels is that they are relatively easy to install. The professionals at GreatFence.com can install an aluminum fence in a fraction of the time it would take to install a similar wrought-iron fence, which saves the homeowner a significant amount of money. Installers mark the fence line, dig the post holes, set the posts and then secure the aluminum panels to the posts.

An aluminum fence is so easy to install that many homeowners are doing it themselves. However, if you want to attain a truly professional look without all the hassle, have a trained professional install the fence.

Great Design

Aluminum fence panels allow homeowners creative options. There are a wide range of styles and designs available that allow for a custom look that enhances the appearance of a house, blends with the home’s architecture and adds to the value of the home.

Whether a homeowner is looking for a purely decorative fence, a fence that provides privacy or a fence to keep pets or children in the yard, or animals out of the yard, there is an aluminum fence design that will meet those needs.

Aluminum fences also come in a variety of colors and heights, which provide an added layer of flexibility when selecting a fencing design.

Added security

An added benefit of an aluminum fence is that it can provide extra security for any yard. Other fencing options do not provide the same security as aluminum fencing. It is easy to scale a wood fence, chain-link fences are easily cut and vinyl fencing does not have the same strength. Installing an aluminum fence with spears makes it much more difficult to climb or breach the fence. Any fence that helps deter a would-be invader adds to the security of a home.


If a property has a significant degree of elevation change, aluminum fence panels are the best choice as a fencing option. Aluminum fence panels are “rackable.” This is a term that means the fence easily adjusts to elevation changes, giving it a natural, professional look, while allowing it to blend into the landscape. Other fencing materials are not rackable, which means they can leave unattractive gaps along the fence, where the slope changes.


Of course, the key factor in any home improvement project is cost. One of the great attractions of aluminum fence panels is their reasonable price, compared to other fencing options. Aluminum fence panels can be found for as little as $60 per panel, which is a reasonable rate for any fencing project. Of course, price is based on the type and style of the aluminum fence, and high-quality aluminum fence panels can cost more than $200 a piece, which is still reasonable, when compared to alternative material.


Another benefit of an aluminum fence is that it offers a wide range of gate options. Decorative gates can significantly add to the curb appeal of a property. In addition, aluminum fence gates can be equipped with motors, which allow for automatic opening and closing of the gates at driveways or other entrances.

There is no fencing material that is perfect for every property, but aluminum fence panels are the perfect choice for property owners who want flexibility, security and a look that will add value to any property.