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aluminum fence gatesOne of the most attractive features of an aluminum fence is the flexibility and variety of design options it provides. This is especially true when selecting gates for an aluminum fence project. A single project could have multiple gate designs, depending on the needs of the property owner.

Whether an aluminum gate project is for a residential, commercial or industrial property, the most important step in selecting a gate occurs in the planning process. Evaluating the best places for access points along the fence and examining how those access points will be used are key elements in selecting the right types of gates.

Pedestrian Gates

Most aluminum fencing projects will likely include at least one pedestrian gate, which is a gate that will allow human access to the gated area. There are basically two main types of pedestrian gates: single swing and double swing. As the names imply, a single swing gate is made of just one framed and welded piece, while a double swing gate has two pieces, framed and welded, that open independently. Deciding which design to install will require an evaluation of how the gate will be used and the space in which the gate will be located. For instance, due to surrounding structure, there may be only enough room for a single swing gate. If people will be frequently carrying large objects through the gate or groups of people will be using the gate, it may be more convenient to choose a double swing gate.

Once the swing type of a gate is determined, the next step is to decide the purpose of the gate. Will it be used to keep people out? Will it be purely decorative? Should it be easily accessible? These are questions that will help determine the specific features of a gate. If a gate is meant to keep people out, it should have a lock and high spires to deter people from scaling the fence. If a gate is out of the public view and for utility purposes, it should have a look that blends in with the rest of the aluminum fencing. If a gate is located at the main entrance, a unique eye-catching design will improve the curb appeal of the property.

Gate Accessories

There are a variety of gate accessories available that meet the specific needs of a property owner and help customize the gate to meet its optimal potential.

Locks come standard with many gates, but property owners with children can choose special child-proof locks. These are great for preventing kids from accessing a pool area or leaving a property. The lock release is located near the top of the gate, so children cannot reach it and release the lock.

A desirable feature that many property owners choose is a self-closing hinge, which closes the gate automatically and is especially convenient when carrying objects through the gate or for children who may frequently forget to close it.

If people are frequently carrying objects through a gate, a panic bar is a good accessory to have. It allows the gate to be opened, hands free, by pushing on the bar.

Other popular accessories include a lock box, magnetic latches, security screens and designer inlays. Each provides a significant functional or aesthetic benefit.

Driveway Gates

In contrast to pedestrian gates, driveway gates are also available in single swing and double swing configurations. This allows plenty of space to allow vehicles to come and go through the gate.  It’s very common for homeowners to install residential fencing and walk gates along with larger, beefier Industrial single swing or double swing driveway gates.  Wider gates require you to upgrade to commercial or industrial for structural integrity and durability.

As with pedestrian gates, the key to choosing the right driveway gate is to thoroughly examine how the space will be used.

Driveway gates come in a variety of styles and strengths, which provide a nice set of options, based on the property needs. Taller gates and spires prevent the gate from being easily scaled. Double pickets reduce the visibility through the gate and help to protect small pets. Heavy duty hinges and our 4” x 4” gate posts are great for gates with heavy traffic. Decorative gates with inlays or special finials provide added curb appeal for residential or commercial properties.

Convenience and accessibility are greatly improved with a remote activated gate system. This allows people to pass through the gate with a click of a remote control, while also preventing unwanted access through the gate.  All Great Fence gates are operator friendly to most 3rd party gate openers available in the US market.

Aluminum fencing is a wonderful addition to any property, but choosing the right gates for an aluminum fence project will be the added touch that allows a property owner to truly get the most out of their new fence.