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There is no question that aluminum fencing has quickly become one of the most popular fencing options for property owners, whether it is for a residential or business property. There are many reasons people select aluminum fencing for their property, including durability, quality, and ease of installation, but one great reason to choose aluminum fencing goes beyond the basics: customization.

It’s one thing to have a fence that will last a long time and is easy to install and maintain, but what makes aluminum fencing even more attractive are the many options available to customize your fence to meet the needs of your property.

With aluminum fencing, numerous custom options can make your fencing more attractive, functional, secure, or safe. The folks at www.greatfence.com have a variety of options available to meet your needs.


One of the best ways to customize an aluminum fence is to select gates that specifically fit the needs of your property. A number of gate choices are available for aluminum fencing, many of which are not available in other fencing products.

The first thing to consider is the type of gate that works best for the property. Aluminum fencing gates come in two basic types: single swing and double swing. Single swing gates consist of one framed and welded fencing panel, while a double swing gate has two welded and framed fencing panels that open independently. The choice depends heavily on how the gate will be used. A single swing gate is often the best choice when there is limited space or when a gate will be used primarily for pedestrians. If vehicles or large numbers of people will be using the gate, a double swing gate is usually a better option.

Customizing the type of gate in your fencing project provides flexibility and accessibility that will best fit your needs.


If security is a significant concern, a variety of custom locks are available for aluminum fencing gates. Most aluminum fencing gates come standard with locks, but if you have children, there are special childproof locks available as a custom option. These are great for preventing kids from leaving a property or keeping them away from a dangerous area such as a pool. The release for childproof locks is located at the top of the gate so children cannot reach it and get through.


Adding spires to your gate design as a custom option can serve dual purposes. First, spires provide an attractive flare to your fence, which adds to the aesthetics of the property and can also add value to your property. Second, spires can serve as a security feature because they make it significantly more difficult for someone to scale the fence and access your property.


Pickets are another great way you can tailor your aluminum fence panels. Double pickets can improve the privacy of the fencing project, making it more difficult for people to see through the fence while still providing an open feel.

Puppy pickets can be added to the lower portion of the aluminum fence panels to prevent dogs from sneaking between the pickets.


One of the most attractive features of aluminum fencing is that it can be painted with high-quality coats of paint that will last for many years without any maintenance. Another bonus is that property owners can customize the paint on their fencing to fit best their needs.

Property owners can select a wide range of colors that match the surroundings of the property and add to its value. In addition to color, you can also select the type of paint finish. The two options available are high-gloss or a matte finish. You can choose the finish that works best for your property.

Other options

There are many smaller custom options available that can add to the functionality of your aluminum fence.

One desirable feature that people frequently choose is a self-closing hinge. The self-closing hinge closes the gate automatically. This option is especially nice when people are carrying objects through the gate or for children who often forget to close the gate behind them.

If people will carry objects through a gate on a regular basis, another good custom option is a panic bar. This fits on the gate and allows it to be opened hands-free simply by pushing on the bar.

Aluminum fencing provides many custom options. You can choose the options that fit your needs to make your fence as attractive and functional as possible. The folks at www.greatfence.com will help you make the selections that work best for you.