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aluminum-driveway-gateWhen people pull up to your property, what is their first impression? As they make their way up to the driveway, the gate is probably the first thing that they are going to notice. While a fence provides a boundary around the property, the gate offers access both into and out of the area. Not all driveway gates are created equal, however. Here are several things to consider when choosing an aluminum driveway gate.


How Wide is Your Driveway?

Before you choose an aluminum driveway gate, it is important to find the width of the driveway. Some properties need a larger gate with enough room to allow two vehicles to pass through at the same time: one going in and one going out. It isn’t enough to simply measure out the driveway. It is important to allow room on either side to accommodate whatever gate mechanism you choose to use. Handing this task over to a professional will ensure accurate measuring and an ideal gate fit.


Single or Double Swing?

When looking at sliding aluminum driveway gates, there are generally two options to choose from. The single swing gate opens up the entire length of the driveway in order to allow vehicles and people to gain access to the property. A double swing gate has two different pieces that swing away from each other in order to allow access.

A single gate only requires one set of hardware, including one automatic opener. However, because the gate will need to swing so far out, you should be prepared to clear out double the distance than you would for a double swing gate. Moreover, the post the gate is attached to will need to be heavy enough to handle the weight of the gate.

Double swing gates require less swing distance and can be less expensive because of the smaller pieces needed and the lighter posts that can be used. Nevertheless, the costs add up once again as you look to purchase two sets of hardware and two motors to ensure that the gates swing open together.

When it comes down to it, the choice between single or double swing gates is up to the homeowner. In addition to the cost variations, you might just prefer the look of one gate over another.


Should the Gate Close on Its Own?

There are downsides and benefits to having a gate that will close on its own. For many property owners, it makes sense to have the gate close automatically. This ensures that the gate is never left open, exposing the property and its owners to unwanted visitors. This automatic system is something that doesn’t need to be worried about on a daily basis.

Other property owners are more interested in controlling the opening and closing of the gates on their own. This means getting out of the car each time you pull into or out of your driveway, pulling through, and then exiting the vehicle again to close the gate. Despite the additional time it takes, many people feel it provides them with an added sense of security. It also tends to cost less because the equipment for automatic opening and closing isn’t needed when the gate is installed.


Which Driveway Gate is Best for You?

Step outside and take a look at your driveway. What do you envision the gate looking like? What are you hoping to accomplish by putting in a driveway gate? These questions should help you come up with a general idea of what you want your property’s first impression to be. While there are ways to turn aluminum driveway gates into DIY projects, they can be complicated and require a large investment of time. If you don’t know what you are doing or you haven’t worked with aluminum fencing before, you could run the risk of making a costly mistake.

Take the ideas and pictures you have in your head and talk with a professional about the possibilities. The size and slope of the driveway will be taken into consideration first. From there, a professional can help you choose from the various options available. The goal is to create a gate that looks great while serving a purpose.