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Security_Fence_Panel_Display_2014_BoldYou don’t have to mount an ugly fence around your industrial or commercial facility, and your business doesn’t have to look like a prison. You can install industrial aluminum fence panels with a curved top. These look great and act as a barrier to unauthorized individuals who want to enter your property.

Industrial security fence panels have a curved picket top. Spears at the panel’s top face outward at a 51-degree angle, making it difficult to climb and mount the fence. Fencing is available in a number of colors and finishes to complement your installation.

Fence Panels

Panels are 6 feet wide and come in heights of 7, 8, 9 or 10 feet. They are easily trimmed on-site. Vertical pickets are spaced at 3-5/8”. Fence panels are also available with an attractive ring design at the top, in which case the vertical picket spacing is 4”. Vertical pickets are 1” square with a 0.062” wall. Horizontal rails are 1-5/8” square with 0.10” sidewalls and 0.70” top walls. The alloy used in these panels will withstand a minimum pressure of 35,000 pounds per square inch.

These industrial aluminum fence panels have four rails. Two of the rails are situated near the fence’s bottom and two are near the top. Each of these pairs is spaced at an interval of 10-5/8”. The two pairs are 33-5/8” apart from the top of the bottom pair to the bottom of the top pair.

Fence panels are available to fit various terrains. Standard panels are suitable for flat runs or slight inclines. Use rackable panels for slopes up to 30 degrees and heavy rackable panels for steeper inclines.

Security Gates

Security fence gates are available in single-swing configurations for pedestrians and double-swing configurations for vehicles. These gates have dimensions similar to fence panels. They feature stainless-steel fasteners.

Security gates include a standard LokkLatch that is made from stainless steel and polymers that will not rust. They are lockable with a key and can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. You can order an optional external access kit for the lock. The LokkLatch is easy to install and eliminates unsightly padlocks. It carries a limited lifetime warranty.

The self-locking LokkLatch Deluxe automatically locks when the gate closes for additional security. This is a perfect choice for installations with heightened security requirements. This lock requires only one drilled hole and takes half the installation time. You can re-key it to match your door locks.

The LokkLatch Magnetic fits all gatepost sizes. This latch requires no drilling or welding to install. It is adjustable both vertically and horizontally to accommodate gate sag and ground movement. Hidden fasteners contribute to the esthetic appeal of the fence and gate. This latch is easily operated with one hand. A 45-degree pull on the handle opens the latch. Both sides have a lever handle. This lock will latch even in the locked position. You can install it in both left- and right-hinged gates.

Metal Security Screen Mesh

You can add an extra layer of security with metal security screen mesh. This rust-free mesh is factory-welded and powder-coated. The mesh is mounted on a 1” x 1” x 0.125” flat bar. It is installed with stainless steel fasteners attached through holes drilled through the frame in the field.