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Driveway gates offer security and look great at the same time. You can use various latches, hinges and wheels for easier operation of your gate.

Adding aluminum driveway gates can keep unwanted vehicles and people outside your property where they belong. You can use various hardware items to aid in their operation.


You can purchase various types of hinges for your gate depending on your needs. A double gate up to 12 feet wide comes with two standard gate hinges. This hinge allows for about ¾” of space between the gate post and the upright. Double-swing gates wider than 12 feet require a heavy-duty gate hinge.

The heavy-duty hinge is made in America from aluminum. You can get this hinge with powder-coated color to match the color of your gate. It comes complete with receivers, a J-bolt, a plate and bushings. This hinge is easy to install and it allows your gate to swing in either direction. The hinge carries a lifetime warranty.  The Heavy Duty Gate Hinge is operator friendly and recommended for single swing gates 7 feet wide or wider and double swing drive gates 14 feet wide and wider.

A self-closing hinge will automatically close after you pass through it. This hinge is not recommended for automated gates. The self-closing hinge has adjustable tension. It is made from molded, reinforced polymer, which means it will never corrode or rust. It is UV-stabilized and self-lubricating. There’s nothing like its convenient and reliable operation, and a self-closing hinge eliminates the need for a spring closer. The hinge won’t sag, bind or stain. It’s easy to install and carries a limited lifetime warranty.


You can use a number of types of latches depending on your requirements. The Lokklatch is a general-purpose latch that can be used with all-aluminum driveway gates. This key-lockable latch is made from durable polymer with a stainless-steel tongue. The Lokklatch eliminates unsightly padlocks and has a limited lifetime warranty.  The LokkLatch is key-lockable from one side of the gate.

The Lokklatch Deluxe requires a key for either entry or exit, adding another layer of security. This is a perfect solution for security-minded individuals and businesses that want to secure their perimeters. The Lokklatch Deluxe has a detachable polymer push rod and includes a fitting jig.  As an option, you can obtain multiple units that are keyed alike. This highly polished latch will not rust.  This lock is key-lockable from both sides of the gate.

The Lokklatch Magnetic is an elegant solution to securing your gate. This latch has concealed fasteners to enhance your gate’s beauty. It is vertically and horizontally adjustable to account for any ground movement or sagging. The latch’s ergonomically designed handle operates by pulling and turning it 45 degrees. The gate has dual six-pin re-keyable locks, eliminating the need to carry around a jumble of keys for different gates. The magnetic latching mechanism doesn’t jam, which is something that can occur with mechanical latches. The latch will close even in the locked position, and it fits both left- and right-hinged gates.

Gate Wheel

A gate wheel supports a larger, heavier gate as it opens and closes. The wheel has a stainless steel spring and bracket. The wheel itself is made from sturdy polyurethane and travels well even on rough surfaces. It is swivel-mounted for smooth operation. and attaches at both sides with included stainless steel screws for extra strength. You can easily flip it around depending on which way a gate opens. The assembly is powder-coated for a durable finish in either black or white.