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It’s hard to beat an aluminum fence for toughness and durability. That’s why you should strongly consider commercial aluminum fence panels for your business. Commercial aluminum fencing is sturdier than residential fence panels, and it stands up better in high-traffic areas.

Aluminum Fencing for Security

You can build a fence for your commercial application from a variety of materials. Aluminum is one of the best for several reasons.

It’s hard for an intruder to gain a foothold on an aluminum fencing panel, regardless of the grade. With pickets spaced at intervals smaller than 4 inches, it’s difficult to climb over a commercial fence panel. Regardless of the style you choose, these panels have few horizontal rails that a person can use to climb over the top. Compare this to a chain-link fence, which offers a host of footholds.

For enhanced security, add a security mesh to your commercial fence panels and gates. This is factory-welded to a sturdy frame that you can bolt to the fence. No one will be climbing this fence!

For the ultimate in security, choose industrial aluminum fence panels with curved pickets. The top of each picket opens outward at a 51-degree angle to thwart even the most determined fence climber. Industrial aluminum fence panels are also sturdier than residential or commercial fence panels because they’re made with the most metal. You can select industrial fence panels in heights of up to ten feet.

Wicked Pickets

You can add security to your fence with double pickets. Styles 7 and 8 both boast this feature. With double pickets, even the most dogged climber will fail to gain a foothold. These tightly spaced pickets also keep out most small animals. You can also add a puppy pickets to your fence. This is fabricated right into the fence at the factory. The puppy pickets option adds a rail near the fence’s bottom, and between the rail and the bottom are double pickets that Fido can’t penetrate.

Another way to add security is to choose a fence style with spear tops. No one wants to climb a fence only to discover sharp spears at the top that can poke and prod. Spear tops look good, too, unlike the unsightly barbed wire that crowns some commercial and industrial fences.

Installing and Maintaining Aluminum Fence Panels

Commercial aluminum fence panels just make sense from a business perspective. They’re simple to install and are light and easy to maneuver. They require no welding on-site. You can easily trim panels for width.

Fence posts are pre-punched for most applications, so you can quickly and easily insert and set the fence panels into the posts.  You can configure a fence to fit almost any angle through the use of horizontal swivel mounts. Slopes and stairs are no problem, either using vertical swivel mounts.

Aluminum fence panels require virtually no maintenance. Colors are applied with a powder coating process that stands up to punishment. The panels will never rust, unlike wrought iron or chain links. You don’t need to periodically paint, stain or otherwise coat aluminum fence panels as you would with a wooden fence. Simply put, aluminum just makes sense.