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Homeowners are usually quite happy with our standard residential fence panels. After all, aluminum fences are durable and tough. You can upgrade to commercial fence panels to better protect your business. These panels are made with more metal and they have more tightly spaced pickets. They are more suitable to the higher-traffic conditions encountered in business or institutional applications. For tougher conditions, greater traffic and increased security, use industrial fence panels, which are our heaviest, toughest fence panels. These are great for larger installations, such as hospitals, schools and factories.


You can build a fence for your commercial application from a variety of materials. Aluminum is one of the best. There are several reasons for this.

Aluminum fence panels are not easy to climb. With a large gap between the lower and upper horizontal rails, our aluminum fencing panels offer few footholds to climbers. Commercial fence panels are more secure than residential fence panels due to their more tightly spaced pickets. Some fences, such as those made of wood, may also be hard to climb, but they are more difficult to install and require more upkeep. You can add a security mesh to aluminum fence panels and gates. We weld this mesh to the fence panels and gates at our factory to a frame that is bolted to fence panels.

Industrial fencing panels offer the utmost in protection and durability. You can purchase our industrial fencing panels with curved pickets to make them harder to climb. These pickets open outward at the top at a 51-degree angle, making it tough to climb over. Industrial fencing panels are made with even more metal than commercial aluminum fence panels, and you can buy them as high as ten feet tall.

You can also order fencing panels with spear tops. These make it difficult for climbers, who must now negotiate through an array of sharply pointed, metal picket tops to get over the top of the fence. As a bonus, spear tops look nice, especially compared to the barbed wire you often see in secure fence applications. Your business doesn’t have to resemble a prison.

Double Pickets for Greater Security

You can buy styles 7 and 8 of our aluminum fence panels with double pickets. With pickets spaced this tightly, it’s doubtful anyone will get through. They will also keep some animals out of your facility. Add a puppy pickets to make sure your canine team members remain inside the fence. We add puppy pickets to the fence during fabrication at our factory. When we install a puppy pickets, we put an extra rail near the bottom of the fence. Beneath that, we place double pickets to keep your dogs from squeezing through the fence.

Installation and Maintenance

As a businessperson, you can see the advantages of aluminum fence panels. From a labor perspective, they’re easy to install. They’re light and strong, and they require little in the way of special equipment to erect. Moreover, you don’t need a crew of carpenters or welders. There is no maintenance required, outside of fixing unforeseen damage, and aluminum doesn’t rust. What are you waiting for?