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You can install our aluminum fence panels almost anywhere, in any shape, on any slope. Our aluminum fence panels are more versatile than any other material in this regard.

Slopes and Stairs

Racking versus Stair Stepping
It’s a snap to install aluminum fence panels on a slope or staircase. You can install an aluminum fence on anything from a mild slope to a tall hill.

If the rise of your slope is no more than six inches per fence panel, you can build your fence with standard aluminum fencing panels. You can use standard, pre-punched posts at corners and ends or in fence runs. You can purchase straight mounts and/or vertical swivel mounts if you’re using your own wooden posts or if you need to connect panels to columns or structures.

For medium slopes, you need rackable fence panels. You can use rackable fence panels with a rise of up to 20 inches per panel. Once again, standard posts will work fine. Optional mounts are available to secure rackable fence panels to columns, structures, walls and wooden posts.

For really steep slopes, we sell heavy rackable fence panels that can handle as much as a 36-inch rise per panel. You must use non-punched, blank posts with these panels along with swivel mounts.

Certain options are not available on rackable fence panels. Ornamental rings aren’t available, and you cannot order puppy pickets. You can’t order styles 7 and 8 in heavy racakble configurations. While you can rack styles 7 and 8 up to around 15 inches of rise per panel, you’ll have to stair-step them if you have a steeper rise.

Stair Stepping

You can also stair step panels for slight, medium and steep slopes… but not for stairs. Trim any of our fence panels (not gates, gates are welded and framed) on the job site for shorter panels that you can stagger up a hill. You cannot use our prepunched posts for stair stepping; instead you will use blank, non-punched posts + straight mounts and mount 2 panels (or panel pieces) to each post at different heights to enclose this type of boundary.

Curves and Angles

You can install aluminum fencing panels to accommodate most angles or curves. Depending on the extent of an angle, you have two options.

Our pre-punched posts work fine with slight angles. You can just use our prepunched line posts, corner posts and end posts. This will enable you to set an angle of perhaps 8 or 10 degrees, which you can accomplish merely by turning the panel to the desired angle and fixing it to the post. If you remember your high school geometry, you will realize that this is the same as running a fence at an angle of between 170 and 190 degrees.

You’ll need a corner post for angles that are greater than 10 degrees. This is equivalent to an 80- to 100-degree angle. Corner posts are pre-punched for right angles. Just pull your fence panels to the desired angle and set them to the post.

We have swivel mounts for all other angles. For angles up to around 35 degrees on one side of the post, you can use swivel mounts. You can see that using two swivel mounts allows an angle of up to 70 degrees total – that is one big angle! You won’t be able to use end posts in these cases as making all other angles require our blank, non-punched posts + horizontal swivel mounts.