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A pool fence adds to your pool’s good looks, and more importantly, it greatly enhances its safety. It’s not that hard to perform a DIY installation. Our aluminum fence panels are easy to install yourself.  There are lots of reasons for installing a pool fence. Of course, the right fence can add immeasurably to your pool area’s looks, but if you’re looking for reasons, you can’t find a better one than safety. A pool fence dramatically reduces the chances of an unauthorized person entering your pool area and drowning. All too often, that person is a small child whose life could end suddenly and dramatically by drowning. A pool fence also adds to your privacy. It’s a good feeling when you know your guests and family have the area to themselves.

S10_aluminum_pool_fence_2015Aluminum fence panels are particularly good for a DIY pool fence. Most of our customers install their fences on their own, eliminating the need for a costly contractor. Even if you prefer not to get involved, you can hire a person who is handy with tools to take your place for a reasonable price. Aluminum fence panels are easy to work with because they’re lightweight, yet they’re strong and sturdy.

Pool Fence Regulations and Requirements

Pools have unique safety requirements, and local communities often issue specific regulations for their installation. If you have a homeowners’ association, you should see if they have regulations as well. These likely concern aesthetics rather than safety. In either case, you could find yourself removing the fence you just built if you run afoul of rules or regulations, so do your homework.

The BOCA Code

The Building Officials Code Administrators International, Inc. issues what is called the BOCA code for pool fences. Compliance with the BOCA code means your fence will help keep people out of your pool area, and it will make it difficult for small children to enter the pool area unaccompanied. All of our pool fencing meets the BOCA code.

The BOCA code includes the following requirements: The fence’s height must be 48” or greater. The horizontal rails must be separated by at least 45”. This minimizes the footholds and the chances that someone can scale from the lower to the higher foothold. Vertical pickets must be less than 4” apart. This is too small for a small child to pass through. The bottom rail can be no further than 4 inches from the ground. Again, this prevents a small child from entering the area. A gate’s latch must be at least 4-1/2 feet (54”) high, which makes it difficult for a child to reach. Gates must be both self-locking and self-closing, and they must open away from the pool.

Magna Latch Gate Locks

You can enhance the safety of your aluminum pool fence by purchasing a Magna Latch gate lock. This self-latching lock is key-lockable. It extends beyond the top of the gate, making it hard for children to reach it.

Benefits of Aluminum Fence Panels

We discussed earlier how easy it is to install a DIY pool fence. Aluminum has other advantages, too. Aluminum does not corrode, and our powder-coated colors won’t bubble, flake or peel. Aluminum doesn’t get too brittle in cold weather, and it retains its strength when it’s hot outside.