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Aluminum Fence LockFences and gates are a great way to keep your commercial property safe and secure, but the most important security feature is the lock!

If you are looking for a new fence for your place of business or large residential property, you probably are well-versed in the wonderful option of using commercial aluminum fence panels. Not only is aluminum an amazingly affordable choice, it is also incredibly sturdy, weather-proof, and holds up well over time.

Now you must consider what type of accessories you require to meet your business needs. There are plenty of options to jazz up your fence and personalize it to your style and your business, but what about the safety features to keep people out of your property? That is where the big choice of what type of lock to install comes in. From self-latching magnetic locks to simple latches to heavy-duty, lock-and-key-style locks, there are plenty of options to choose from to keep your property safe and secure.

When latches are enough

With commercial aluminum fence panels and gates, a simple latch is not usually enough security for your place of business – at least not the main gate to the outside world. Thankfully, simple latches such as the Lokklatch can’t be opened or closed without a key. This is sufficient security for smaller, one-panel gates and is often used within a property to get to areas such as those that hold trash cans and recycling or inner gates already within the property. For the outer fences and gates, a lock that is a bit stronger is usually a better choice.

Locked out or locked in?

For the main gate of your commercial property, you will need a large, sturdy lock. The aforementioned Lokklatch does come in a deluxe version that includes a larger latch; this suits a commercial or industrial fence well. The lock choice you must make depends largely on your circumstances. Do you need gates to lock from the outside and the inside, or just one way? Many places of business and apartment buildings choose to have locks on both sides, going from the outside in and vice versa. This can stop unsavory characters from attempting to enter the property in the first place when they see how hard it will be to exit quickly if there is a lock on both sides.

For specific needs

There is always the option of an external access lock, which requires a key to unlock it on one side and a push button to open the gate from the other. This is a specific choice that may work well for your needs, but all lock choices should be considered. There are even magnetic self-latching options that are extremely helpful when you will be having outside vendors coming onto your property often. This helps prevent any gates from being accidentally left open.

When choosing a lock, it is important to remember that whatever you choose doesn’t necessarily need to be the final decision. Locks can be easily changed as your needs change or if you find that you’d prefer a different lock later on down the line. In this respect, you can even try a few different locks to see how they work with your operation and find the one best suited for the job at hand.